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The Secret Circle

Chris Zylka’s Ex-Girlfriend Tweets Angrily as His Romance With Lucy Hale Heats Up

The Secret Circle’s blonde heartthrob, Jake Armstrong, is a chiseled, heartbreaking manwitch. Turns out, Chris Zylka, 26, might be just as bewitching as the character he portrays onscreen; Chris recently started seeing Pretty Little Liar Lucy Hale, who is basically a force of natural cuteness. While we’re over the moon about this ABC Family / CW love match, there’s one person extremely hurt by the newly crowned King and Queen of the teen demographic: Chris’ ex-girlfriend, Gigi Feshold.

Gigi is a little-known actress who once starred on Femme Fatales. Gigi and Chris were going strong for awhile, from May (or even earlier) to sometime around mid-December. Gigi even visited Chris on The Secret Circle set in Vancouver, B.C., back in November.

Chris and Lucy, 22, appear to have met each other in late December or early January, from what we can deduce from their Twitter flirting, and their relationship has taken the fast-track ever since. Chris flew to Lucy in Los Angeles this past weekend, at which point Gigi took her bitter frustration to the internet, tweeting: “Funny how now you are here all the time, and when we were an item, you didn’t seem to make any effort. #goodlookingout #enjoytheride.”

In her new Twitter bio, Gigi even takes an indirect dig at Lucy, calling herself “prettier than your new girl.” Burn!

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