Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 12, “The Father and the Bride” — Top OMG Moments
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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 12, “The Father and the Bride” — Top OMG Moments

"Father and the Bride" was about as twisty and turny an episode as we get in Gossip Girl-land ― so much so that the list of OMGs could be at leasttt three times this size!! But we're nothing if not committed to weedin' through the nitty and the gritty of each ep to arrive at the stand-outs, and we've narrowed it down to just five...

(NOT included: that over-teased arrest, and the moment that B confessed her love for Chuck ― durrrr ― to that crooked royal priest! When we say five, we mean five! Well, kinda...)

Blair is totally excited to marry Louis again... because of what Dan wrote in his vows.
We knew this was coming, but we didn't anticipate the level of "Awwww" it was gonna bring! Dan understands Blair! He understands her soul, guys! (P.S. Triple "Ugh" Alert! We warned you that this was s-t-u-p-i-d, Dan!!) We just hope this little move of Louis' is revealed in time...

Serena is puttin' the moves on Lonely Boy... hard.
Oh, Serena. Dan declared his love for B to you! She's your best friend! Is your solution really to try to wedge yourself in between them? Patheti-sad, man. Serena's telling Dan they need to keep up appearances until after the wedding to protect Blair, riiight after Blair said the exact opposite, seemed like innocent fun... But S isn't the super-deceptive type, so we've got a feeling the repercussions to this move might be messy.

Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 12, “The Father and the Bride” — Top OMG Moments
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Nate deletes the Spectator, ruins the "S by S" launch & then fires Serena, but really doesn't!
These all happened in rapid succession, so don't blame us for cheating on the numbers!! When a man faces the realization that someone tried to KILL HIM, it seems his resolve multiplies ten times. Nate made some bold strokes this week, and they were a looong (loooooong) time comin'! BRAVO, Master Archibald! It may have come at the expense of Serena's re-launch into society, but we also kinda liked seeing her with egg on her face... (Was it just us?) And are we fools because we fell for the whole fired/not-fired thing? We'd prefer to re-route the attention to the fact that we've obviously been led to think so little of S's taste in men that we totally believed she went running back to Trip...

TRIPPP tried to kill Nate!
We didn't think he had it in HIM! (Or maybe we were in denial. Either way, YOU certainly knew!) Trip, in total Trip fashion, tried to blame the mess on Maureen, who, as it turns out, was in the process of leavin' his a** at the time of the crime. BAZINGA! We're guessing Trip's next election isn't gonna go as planned for suuure now! (At the very least, does this mean we're rid of Max?)

Chuck hops back over to the dark side!
Boooooooo. We were getting sort of attached to Good Chuck, and even more importantly we just wish that Chuck could see what a Mayor of Crazytown this priest is. Note to Chuck: He's a PRIEST who is CONSPIRING. Evil lurks! (Duhhh!) Has Chuck sealed his (temporary) fate? Should Humphrey be prepping his arms for B's warm embrace? IS CHUCK PUSHING HER TO LOUIS?! Ughhh.

BONUS OMG: Beatrice ditches her Evil Sister-in-Law role... and then is promptly sent off on a mission to Africa. Seriously, the faux-royal family of Monaco needs counseling.

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