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Jane by Design’s India de Beaufort Teases Unexpected Love Triangles and More — Exclusive!

British beauty India de Beaufort has been killing it as India Jourdain, the devious villain on ABC Family’s latest hit, Jane by Design. Since we’ve been dying to know what’s to come for our new favorite bad girl, we went straight to the source. In our exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, India dishes about Jane by Design’s many love triangles (some of which we haven’t even seen yet!) and weighs in on fashion from Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the second part of our interview with India, including spoilers for Episode 5, airing on Tuesday, January 31!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Both India and her love interest, Jeremy, claim that things are purely physical between them. Do you think that’s the case, or do you think that either has feelings for the other?

India de Beaufort: I don’t think it’s purely physical on India’s part. I definitely think that Jeremy sees a pair of legs, but he does have a heart. I think India is a little bit more attached than she’s letting on, and we’re slowly starting to see that and we’ll continue to see that more through the season.

Do you think that he has it in him to be more than just a womanizer, or do you think that he’s really just kind of a one-dimensional ladies’ man?

I think everybody has the ability to change, and it’s the same old story of when it’s the right girl. Who knows? Jane might be that right girl for Jeremy, there may be another right girl, but we’ve all been in those relationships where we just couldn’t get validated, we just couldn’t get the guy that we wanted to really fall in love with us, and then the next girl that comes along just sweeps him off his feet. Unfortunately for India, I’m not sure if she’s the right girl. She may end up being the right girl, but for the time being, I don’t think that she’s going to be responsible for changing his ways.

India has started to pick up on Jeremy’s interest in Jane, and obviously there’s already jealousy there. So, how much focus can we expect their love triangle to get during the rest of the season?

It’s a show that has a lot of possibilities for love triangles because you have Jane kind of always between at least two guys, and a lot of the fans are hoping, I think, that Billy and Jane — there could be something there. There is obviously something between her and Nick, and Jeremy is definitely interested. So, there’s kind of men all over the place for Jane, which you would hope for. You’d hope that the leading lady to has a lot of love interests and is adored as much as the fans adore her. But for India... there definitely is an element of feeling trumped by Jane and feeling as if they’re sucked into a love triangle. There actually is another love triangle that emerges throughout the season with some characters that you wouldn’t expect, so there’s always an interesting element thrown into the mix.

Could you be hinting at Jane's older brother and India?

I cannot say. You’ll just have to tune in.

There definitely is great chemistry between Jane and Billy, so who do you think is better-suited for Jane?

I would say, as a fan, I would hope that Jane and Billy would get together because he loves her for who she really is, and who wouldn’t want to root for that?

Aside from romance, fashion’s a huge focus of the show. Which character’s style is your favorite?

I really love Gray’s wardrobe. It’s really simple and chic, and out of all of the characters, Gray’s wardrobe is probably the wardrobe I’d most likely wear in real life. She has a few coats and jackets in the first episode that I’m still trying to steal from the wardrobe truck. I also love Jane’s wardrobe because I think it’s just fun and whimsical. And my own wardrobe is really cool and vicious and a lot of fun to wear. But if I could take one of them home, it would be Gray’s.

Pretty Little Liars is another show on ABC Family that’s known for its fashion. Which of the main characters’ style do you like best?

I think Lucy Hale has great style on and off the screen. So, I’d probably nick both of her wardrobes — private and public.

How about Gossip Girl? Who’s the better dresser: Blair or Serena?

I’m a big Blair fan. Serena’s great, but for some reason, I feel as though Blair’s emerging more to be a big leader in this season with all the love stories between her and Chuck and the prince, and all that business. But Blair’s wardrobe, to me, it’s really, really fun and sassy and colorful, but also has an element of chic to it that I’m definitely attracted to.

What about Leighton Meester and Blake Lively’s real-life fashion?

In real life, I think they’re pretty well-matched, but I’d have to edge a bit more to Blake Lively. She takes a bit more of a Boho, eclectic approach to fashion, and I really enjoy that.

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