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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Wedding Planner Kevin Lee Dishes Behind-the-Scenes Details on Pandora Vanderpump’s Wedding — Exclusive!

Pandora Vanderpump married longtime love Jason Sabo in a lush “shi-shi-shi” wedding in Beverly Hills last August. The extravagant wedding was the focal point of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 finale, ending a dramatic season with a happy occasion for the Housewives. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Lisa Vanderpump’s fabulous wedding planner, Kevin Lee, and got the details on everything from how much the wedding cost to whether or not Giggy behaved himself.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You seemed to go missing the week before Pandora’s wedding. Where were you?

Kevin Lee: I was doing other events! That’s what I do. But I was there for the wedding, I would never have missed that. But she was in great hands with my team. I tell them what to do and they deliver, darling.

How much did Pandora's wedding cost in total? Did it really reach $1 million?

It came very, very close!

Did Bravo help pay for it, since they were using it for the show?

Oh, no! They did not chip in at all! Lisa didn’t want that. She and Pandora wanted to call all the shots for this wedding. Lisa and Ken paid for everything.

How was it working with Lisa on the preparations and wedding day?

Lisa is incredible — she’s so nice. I wish every client was like her. She’s a handful, of course, but Lisa was great to work with and she was like, “I trust you, do your thing.”

What was the most challenging part about planning this wedding?

Lisa wanted a something over the top and incredible. And at first Pandora just wanted something simple and intimate. But in the end Lisa was like, “Look this is my only daughter and I want to go all out.” In the end, Pandora loved it.

We want behind-the-scenes scoop: Lisa says nothing went wrong on the big day, but did it truly go off without a hitch? Did Giggy behave himself?

That Giggy is a little brat! He’s a muppet. Oh my god, he didn’t like his outfit, it was a little tight, so he was running around the party trying to get out of it and Lisa was chasing him everywhere. It was hysterical.

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What was your favorite part about Pandora's wedding?

Actually the best part was working with Lisa. I work on gorgeous weddings all the time, but she was just wonderful. She was so graceful and accommodating.

What is Jason Sabo like? Do you think he's a good match for Pandora? Why?

Jason is very sweet and friendly. He complements Pandora and it seems like he relaxes her and makes her calm and happy.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Watching Pandora walk down the aisle and how happy and tearful it made Lisa. It was so sweet.

What are you most proud of about the wedding?

That we were able to make both Lisa and Pandora's visions come true. They had different ideas, but we made both of them happy.

What was the biggest difficulty?

Trying to give Pandora her simple English garden feeling, while making sure it was still an over-the-top, Beverly Hills-worthy, amazing wedding.

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