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Adam Lambert Wants to Be on Glee! Singer Loves the Show — But Has He Always?

With the guest-star ban officially lifted, and a whole mess of ‘em set to invade Lima, Ohio very, very soon ― Spanish teachers! Moms! Dads! ― a few celebs have been comin’ out of the woodwork to pine for slots on Glee!

Who can blame them, right? The show’s creative, fun and involves dancing and singing! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of such magic!! (We’re talking to you, John Travolta…)

In a new interview, American Idol alum Adam Lambert told the Hollywood Reporter that he’d be ready and willing to jump into the action… if he ever gets an invite. “I don’t know, ask them [where it is],” Lambert said. “I think there were murmurs about it. Hopefully, maybe now that I have some new music, I could go on there.”

Lambert’s a fan of the show, but he wasn’t always. “When Glee first came out, I was like ‘I don’t really like this show,’” he says. “But now I watch it, and you know what? I do think the show has an agenda, but I respect the agenda. I think it’s a very brave agenda to try to push… It’s definitely one of a kind and very revolutionary in that way.”

(No offense, Adam, but we’ve put a ban on that word, “revolutionary”…)

And what’s his DREAM role on the series?! Rachel’s long-lost brother? Artie’s fabulous uncle? A boyfriend/girlfriend stealer? An evil-doer alongside Sebastian?! Nahhh, Lambert says he prefers something much simpler. “I want to just be me,” he said. “Why do I have to be a fictional character?”

Um, because it’s more fun that way, Adam. Durrrr!

Put on your casting caps, Gleeks! Which role would YOU give Adam?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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01.26.2012 / 02:46 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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