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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Spoiler Roundup! Blair’s Royal Wedding: Everything We Know So Far

It’s the most highly-anticipated event of Gossip Girl’s entire season. The epic 100th episode on January 30 is slated to be none other than the Royal Wedding between Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Prince Louis of Monaco (Hugo Becker).

But will B actually go through with her big day? Or will she get cold feet and run off — gasp — with another guy? We’ve rounded up every single spoiler we could find, and put them all into one place. Take a look at all the juicy, spoiler-ific goodness:


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- Gossip Girl Teasers for Blair's Royal Wedding

- Dan Wrote the Wedding Vows for Prince Louis!!

- New Spoiler About Chuck Bass’s Role in the Gossip Girl Royal Wedding!

- Gossip Girl Spoilers! The Royal Wedding: Will Chuck Stop Blair From Walking Down the Aisle?

Have hope, Chair fans! Chuck Bass could very well make a last-minute effort to win back his lady.

- New Royal Wedding Scoop! Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoilers: Will Blair Make It to the Altar?

Just how far into the ceremony will B get? And what’s little lovesick Dan Humphrey going to be up to?

- Dan and Blair Flirt in Musical Dream Sequence

Oh, and Serena's dressed as Marilyn Monroe and lip synching all cheesy-like. That's cool, too. But mainly: Dan and Blair are flirting!

- Gossip Girl Wedding: Spoiler Photo! Who is Blair Walking Down the Aisle With?

Aww ... how cute is that?

- Gossip Girl Wedding Spoilers: Does Blair Run Away?

Well, she does do a lot of running ...

- Gossip Girl Spoilers! Wait … Blair Might Actually Go Through With the Wedding?!

Of course, we know it's a possibility, but noooo!

- Gossip Girl’s Michelle Trachtenberg Reveals Royal Wedding Scoop: Does She Crash? — Exclusive!

Georgina is back …but is she really crashing Blair’s big day?

- Gossip Girl Wedding Spoilers: Will It be the “Single Greatest Hour of Television Ever”?

All signs point to "yes"!

- Major Gossip Girl Spoiler: Was Blair Spotted With a Wedding Ring on Her Finger?

Hey, there are lots of reasons for a girl to be wearing a wedding ring, even if she's not actually married ... right? Anybody? Sigh.

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- Shocking New Gossip Girl Season 5 Wedding Photos: Is Blair Waldorf a Runaway Bride?

But is the whole scene nothing but a dream? No. Unfortunately not!


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- Gossip Girl Stylist Eric Daman Dishes on Blair’s Royal Wedding — Exclusive!

- Who Are the Bridesmaids Wearing?

- Gossip Girl Fashion: The Royal Wedding Dress Revealed! Details on Blair Waldorf’s Stunning Vera Wang Gown

What: It’s not an Eleanor Waldorf design? Vera is the wedding authority … but still!

- Gossip Girl Wedding: Which One Is the Real Dress?

Multiple dream sequences = multiple wedding dresses? It's a definite possibility!