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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: Emily O’Brien Trash-Talking Courtney Robertson Was a “Huge Mistake”

Is it fair to already dismiss Rachel Truehart and Jennifer Fritsch as long-term options for Ben Flajnik? Their one-on-one dates were almost afterthoughts on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 4 and in his Entertainment Weekly blog, Chris Harrison glosses over the dates in favor of We Need To Talk About Courtney.

The Rosemaster discusses the dramatic group date and the growing tension between Courtney Robertson and Emily O'Brien. Once again, Bachelor 15 alum Michelle Money's name gets thrown into the mix, and not just because the episode went to her home state of Utah. Even Chris wonders if Courtney will end up beloved like the Money Honey. (C’mon, guys. Give her a chance!)

The group date was pure Park City, horseback riding and trout fishing — with a little bit of back stabbing, trash-talking and emotion on the side. [...] Courtney didn’t seem to put any energy into changing the direction her relationship was going with the women, but she put a lot of energy into improving her connection with Ben. Courtney is a great player and incredibly competitive; Ben is the ultimate prize and she has made it very clear she will do anything to win that prize. Now the big question is: Is this a big game to Courtney or does she really have feelings for Ben? [...] I wonder if Courtney is much like Michelle Money during her season. Michelle had a quick wit and sharp dry sense of humor that was largely misunderstood during the season, but she is now one of the most beloved figures in our Bachelor family. Courtney also seems to have that dry sense of humor and a sharp tongue. Will she also end up becoming a beloved member of our family? Only time will tell.

The other women warned Emily not to use her valuable time with Ben trash-talking Courtney, but that’s exactly what she did. This was a huge mistake on many levels. First of all, Ben clearly likes Courtney, and secondly he hates drama, especially when it’s thrown in his face. Ben politely told Emily to move on or it could lead to her own demise. This was a tactical error on Emily’s part. She just didn’t think the whole thing through and it definitely hurt her. My dad is a wonderful man and he gave me some very sound advice growing up: Don’t ever start a fight or throw a punch unless you are prepared to get hit back twice as hard. Emily picked a fight and threw a punch and wasn’t at all ready to be hit back. Courtney is a formidable opponent, and if Emily is going to really take her on she better rethink her strategy or Courtney will have the last laugh.

So whose side are YOU on? Or are they both just too crazy to support?

Read the Chris Harrison's full blog for more.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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