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The Bachelorette

Is Vienna Girardi Dating Brian Lee Smith, Her Ex Who Shows Up On Relationship Rehab?

Many Bachelor/ette alumni eventually end up back with their exes after they leave the show.

Last week, we wrote about Vienna Girardi's "new" boyfriend after she tweeted that she was back with her college sweetheart of four years. She shared a photo of him and ... it looked like Brian Lee Smith. Is that him? If so, that's the guy who reportedly shows up on Relationship Rehab, the VH1 show Vienna recently taped with her Bachelor Pad 2 ex, Kasey Kahl. (It’s also called Couples Therapy at times, so it’s not clear what the show’s official title will be.)

Credit: Rachid Ait/    

In December, the rumor mill went nuts about Vienna storming off the Relationship Rehab set when Lee showed up. But Vienna clarified the situation on December 27, tweeting, "To correct all rumors about the show: I didn't storm off the set, I didn't yell at producers & I knew my ex was coming (I called him)."

Lee's name came up many times during The Bachelor Season 14 when the rumor mill said Vienna was obsessed with him and wanted him back after taping the show. But other rumors came out arguing that he was the one who was obsessed with her. He was even booked for trespassing on her family's Florida property.

So are they back together? Well, the above photo is proof. The two were spotted fishing together just the other day! Maybe it’s just meant to be.

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