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Grey's Anatomy

Katherine Heigl: Watching Karev Kiss Other Women on Grey’s ”Makes Me Jealous” (VIDEO)

Okay, Katherine Heigl. You really, really want to come back to Grey’s Anatomy as Izzie Stevens so you can personally find out what happened to her, and where she is.

But these latest comments on The Today Show about your jealousy while watching Izzie’s old on-screen love interest kissing other girls? See that line behind you? Yeah, you just crossed it.

While promoting her latest rom-com One for the Money, Katherine told Kathie Lee and Hoda that she would love it if she could go back on Grey’s "to get back with Alex [Justin Chambers], because I do not like watching him with other actresses on the show. It really upsets me, makes me jealous. [Izzie] should come back and claim her man and claim her career and rise again, like a phoenix."

Even if she’s sort of joking, she’s just not a good enough joke-teller to get away with this kind of comment. Alert the Grey’s writers! Stop giving Alex new love interests, because the actress who played his wife three seasons ago is getting upset!

Nice try, Katherine. We’d love to see her back on the show, perhaps with a more open-minded attitude, though.

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Source: NBC via AZCentral

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