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The X Factor

Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik: Best Friends Forever?

Information about Josh Krajcik’s musical future may be somewhat hard to come by, but Melanie Amaro, The X Factor’s big winner, has had no qualms about keeping herself front and center. To that effect, the five-million-dollar woman gave a long interview with AOL Music this week.

Now, there’s a lot of material in this interview, but we’re most interested in one bit in particular: the part where the interviewer asks Amaro which contestants she became closest with the most while The X Factor was running. Of course, Amaro developed some nice friendships with competitors like Jazzlyn Little and Drew (who could not be friends with Drew?), but one of the people she singled out might surprise you.

That’s right: apparently, there were some serious bonding time between Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik! “Shockingly,” Amaro admitted, “I kind kind of close to Josh. He was really nice. He’s an [over 30], but he was really cool, really down to earth.” No old-timer syndrome with Krajcik, huh?

Then there’s this particularly interesting tidbit: “A lot of the time me, [Josh], and his girlfriend would go out to dinner and we’re all just laughing and joking around and having fun.” Can you imagine? Melanie Amaro, the big winner of The X Factor, was once a humble Krajcik third wheel! Talk about rags to riches!

Source: AOL Music

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01.26.2012 / 04:34 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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