5 Life Lessons From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 9
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Teen Mom

5 Life Lessons From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 9

We’ve learned all kinds of life lessons from watching the documentary force of nature that is Teen Mom 2. For example, drum sticks make great weapons in a bitch fight.

We’ve also picked up some bona fide words of wisdom from these ladies, so check out our top five lessons from “The Beginning Of The End”!

1. Biatch Fights Aren’t (Always) The Answer

We all needs a good ol’ fashioned catfight every now and then. Otherwise, what’s the point of getting a manicure, right ladies?

But there’s a difference between catfights (yelling, cursing, crying and hugging) and full-blown biatch-fights, complete with hair-pulling, punching, and animal noises.

If we’ve learned one thing from watching Jenelle’s tragic life unfold before us, it’s that biatch fights often land you in jail, and damage your friendships to boot! We’re just grateful Tori didn’t pull out Jenelley’s bedazzled belly-ring.

2. Fight to the Finish

If Jo thinks Kailyn’s going to back down from her child support claim because of a measly appeal, he has another thing coming. Kailyn is doing whatever it takes to ensure that Isaac has everything he deserves, and if that means Jo has to give up half of his paycheck, too bad.

Of course, we understand where Jo is coming from (actually, not really), but Kailyn’s conviction is admirable. Did you see the way she strutted into that lawyer’s office and was prepared to take Jo’s appeal down to Chinatown? Tear. Suddenly, we feel the urge to sue someone...
5 Life Lessons From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 9

3. Stand Up For Yourself

Leah and Corey’s marriage has always had problems, one of which is Corey’s camo baseball hat.

But we digress. Corey isn’t very good at communicating, and Leah isn’t very good at standing up for herself.

She seems to have rather old fashioned ideas about “not going against her husband,” but this week she had a change of tune!

Leah realized the importance of putting her twins’ health and safety first, and she straight-up insisted that she and Corey get a new house. She also called Corey out on his selfishness for buying a new truck when money could have been spent on their girls.

Ladies like Leah inspire other teen moms to fight for what’s best for their fam!

4. He's Not Worth It!

Oh, Chelsea. We’ve never seen so many mascara-stained tears. This girl has been emotionally destroyed by Adam, and their most recent breakup seems to be especially hard on her nerves.

Chelsea shouldn’t have to suffer so much, especially when she has so much else in life to look forward to!

If seeing Chelsea’s heaving sobs and tragic eyes has taught us anything, it’s that no boy is worth shedding that many tears over. Let’s hope someone took her to the zoo to look at real-life animal fur and feel all better.

5. When It’s Over, It’s Over

How many times to we have to watch Jenelle and Kieffer break up before they realize that their relationship isn’t working?

This week, Jenelle was so mad at her man that she rejected him in the middle of an abandoned road; last week she chased him down the street in desperation when he tried to leave; and the week before she bailed him out of jail after he domestically abused her. When will enough be enough?

Hopefully, the thousands of impressionable young girls watching Teen Mom 2 will learn from Jenelle’s mistakes and avoid places called “Planet Fun” at all costs.

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