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American Idol

American Idol Recap of the Houston Auditions From January 26, 2012: Texas-Sized Talent

The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas! At least, that’s what the song says. Will the stars come out and shine at the Season 11 American Idol auditions in Houston and Galveston? Let’s watch and find out!

Phong Vu, 25: Phong is very emotional. About a lot of things, including and especially singing. Unfortunately for Phong, he’s also pretty bad at singing. His cover of “Unbreak My Heart” is both passionate and kind of painful to listen to, and earns him three no votes from the judges.

Skylar Laine, 17: Skylar’s a real live country girl — she shoots things, even! More importantly, she also sings really well — her cover of “Hell on Heels” wins her a quick and easy three yes votes from the judges. She brings her sister in to hug Steven before she leaves.

Baylie Brown, 21: Baylie auditioned for Idol when she was 16, but was cut in Hollywood. Ooh, she was with Antonella Barba and her BFF whose name we forgot for the group round! We remember that! Anyway, Baylie sings “Bed of Roses” beautifully and the judges unanimously vote to send her to Hollywood (again!).

Kristine Osorio, 28: Kristine has three kids and is currently going through a divorce. She sings Adele’s “One and Only” and she’s fabulous — a little raspy, just enough power, and a really appealing confidence. Hollywood for Kristine!

Jennifer Versus The Guys: Randy and Steven vote against a couple of (pretty decent, actually) singers, and Jennifer calls them crazy about 700 times, and then she votes against the perfectly fine Linda Williams out of spite. Drama! (Not really, though.)

Alejandro Cazares, 26: Alejandro wants to be empowered to bring a revolution to American Idol... or something like that. You know before he even starts singing that he’s going to be bad, which, of course, he totally is. The judges tell him “no,” but he doesn’t want to hear it, and eventually security escorts him out.

Cortez Shaw, 20: Cortez sings an odd, sped-up version of “Somone Like You.” His voice is good, but, um, do not mess with Queen Adele, Cortez! He’s cute, though, and he has a lot of personality. The judges like him, and so do we, and Cortez is off to Hollywood.

Ramiro Garcia, 28: Ramiro, the last auditioner of the day, overcame some tremendous odds to get here — specifically, he was born without ears, and wasn’t supposed to be able to hear or speak. Naturally, he sings “Amazing Grace,” and it’s, well... amazing! He has a really beautiful tone and a lot of charm.

So what did you think of tonight’s show? Was the talent bigger in Texas than anywhere else? Let us know, and check back with us next week as the auditions continue!

01.27.2012 / 08:26 AM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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