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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard as the Season 8 Bachelorette: 3 Reasons She’s a BAD Choice

Emily Maynard is sweet, classy, stylish and so gorgeous she even lives up to David Good’s beauty standard. She’s a serious catch. But is she going to make a good Bachelorette?

We already shared three arguments in favor of Ricki’s mommy as the lady of the year, but there are definitely arguments to be made to the contrary. Here are three of them:


1. She’s too reserved for this
Yeah, she’s cute and flirtatious on Twitter, but all we have to go on TV-wise is what we saw on The Bachelor Season 15. And what we saw was Brad Womack choosing the prettiest girl in the cast despite the fact that even Emily herself seem to see more chemistry between Brad and runner-upChantal O'Brien . Brad and Emily’s dates were painfully awkward and focused mostly on Emily’s tragic past. And she loved the guy! So if that’s how she acts when she’s falling in love, prepare for 10 weeks of televised sedatives. How is she going to handle the fantasy suite dates? Should they even bother bringing out the card? How is she going to deal with kissing more than one man a week? How is she going to deal with the men themselves? The contestants are the talking points of every season. Do you remember the fan (over)reaction to taking Emily on a NASCAR date? Can you imagine what will happen when she’s faced with a Justin “Rated-R” Rego or a Wes Hayden? There’s no way ABC can completely weed out the fame whores looking for TV time, so she’d probably have to face at least one. And what if she doesn’t — what if they are all like gosh-golly-sweet Ryan "Mr. Sunshine" Park? For some folks, that would be great. For everyone else, snooze.

2. What about her daughter Ricki?
Even if they did move taping of Emily’s season at least in part to Charlotte, NC, wouldn’t they eventually shoot a few dates out of the city? Emily didn’t like having paparazzi in their lives after The Bachelor, but if she does say yes to The Bachelorette you can bet the paps will be snapping many more pics of Em and Ricki wherever they go, during and after the season. Jason Mesnick was a single dad Bachelor but his ex-wife is still among the living. Unfortunately, Ricki’s father has passed away, so he can’t take care of her while Emily is away shooting. And what happens after the finale? Would the happy couple live in Charlotte or would Emily be willing to uproot herself and Ricki to go somewhere else? Charlotte is great, but it’s not exactly San Francisco or New York City.

3. There might be flashier options
Having a single mom as Bachelorette would be great — but it would have to be the right single mom. How about Michelle Money? She’s anything but dull, and ABC could cast the craziest guys they want and she’d be able to roll with them right away. It would be so much fun — and the most controversial season EV-AH! Michelle is not the kind of girl to be steamrolled by drama. She’d be at the center of it like no other Bachelore/tte before. Plus, she’s as drop-dead gorgeous as Emily, just in a different way, and she’s been upfront about her colorful past, so any tabloid stories would be nothing new. (And apparently she’s not dating Graham Bunn.) If Michelle is too out there or can’t be away from Brielle, how about mature, grounded Shawntel Newton? You can be a funeral director/embalmer anywhere in the country! She’s proven she’s not afraid to make major leaps of faith for love. Or what about Ben’s Southern cutie Kacie Boguskie? She’s the Emily of Season 16. Emily had her shot so why not give it to one of Ben’s beauties — whoever is left at the end?

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01.27.2012 / 03:46 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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