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Jersey Shore

Fill Your Pitchers & Play Our Jersey Shore Drinking Game: Season 5, Episode 4 Edition

Whether you prefer pickle juice martinis, heaping red solo cups full of Ron Ron Juice, or you’re a lady like Deena Nicole and you just sip white wine (before downing Tequila shots in the john), it’s time to play the Jersey Shore Drinking Game. Try not to pass out before the first commercial break this time, okay Jionni?

Take a big swig of beer every time:
You spot the meatballs wearing the same outfit
The Situation takes a dip
Ronnie appears speechless
JWOWW says Roger’s name
Deena Nicole falls down

Drink a 40 of Ron Ron Juice every time:
Sammi Sweetheart throws a punch
Vinny looks uncomfortable
Anyone says “Staten Island”
You see a Team Vinny t-shirt
Anyone says, “I’m so drunk.”

Do a Jersey-style whippet (whipped cream + vodka + tequila worm) every time:
Sammi’s hair looks knotty
JWOWW utters a word to The Situation
The Situation complains about his birthday
A stripper looks bored
Someone gets surprise-screwed by a giant bunny rabbit


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