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I Know Who Sued Me: Lindsay Lohan’s 9 Most Notable Lawsuits

Lindsay Lohan’s had enough legal drama in her life to warrant her very own Law & Order spin-off. We thought 2012 might be a fresh start for the troubled starlet, but it looks like she just can’t stay out of trouble. La Lohan just keeps getting herself thrown behind bars and wrapped up in civil court battles. Get ready for our rundown of Lindsay’s most notorious lawsuits.

1. Watch Who You Cross (in Front Of)
If Lindsay could just stay out of cars, she’d eliminate pretty much all of her ongoing legal troubles. Most recently, a California nanny decided to sue the actress for allegedly striking her with her car as she pushed a stroller across the street. According to sources, the woman is seeking damages to pay for medical bills and lost wages.

2. Hit and Run to Court
Though she should be doing her best to stay sober, LiLo was spotted by paparazzi outside of a club in Hollywood on January 10, 2012. As she took off, the car she was in allegedly hit a photographer’s vehicle. The pap quickly filed a lawsuit and is seeking compensation for injury to himself and his property.

3. Suit, Countersuit; Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
After a traffic accident in 2005, a man involved sued Lindsay for injuries, only to have her initiate a suit against him. They eventually settled out of court and kept the details quiet.

4. The Thrill of the Chase
Lindsay’s car chase in 2007 landed her with two separate lawsuits: one from the passengers in her car and the second from a woman in the car Lindsay was chasing. Again, LiLo and her legal team settled out of court.

5. It's Payday, or Not
2008 included more legal trouble for Lindsay when a former bodyguard claimed that she had failed to pay him over $55,000 of wages. Fortunately for her, he later dropped the suit.

6. Rehab Retraction
In 2011, a Betty Ford Center staffer who had accused Lindsay of attacking her during a 2010 stint in rehab dropped the charges. Score one for LiLo!

7. Limo Bill Redux
The troubled actress/Playboy model was sued for allegedly failing to pay an outstanding limo bill of nearly $100,000 in 2011. The case is ongoing, so we’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out.

8. This Time, It's Personal
Before you start thinking that LiLo’s always on the receiving end of lawsuits, keep in mind that she’s currently suing rapper Pitbull for defamation for mentioning her in his song, “Give Me Everything." Lindsay was insulted by the reference ("I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan") and is suing him through the New York court system. But not so fast La Lohan fans; Pitbull just slapped her with a countersuit.

9. "Milkaholics" Anonymous
The most eye-opening of Lindsay's lawsuits has to be when she went after E-Trade for using a “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay in one of their commercials in 2010. Ridiculous as the suit sounds, rumor has it Lohan made a pretty penny off the settlement.

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