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The Bachelorette

Natalie Getz and Ryan Park: Bachelor Nation’s Newest Couple?

Looks like Natalie is Getz-in’ herself some Sunshine!

Reality Steve already dished on some of the hookups and other events at the Bachelor reunion held this past weekend — and in his scoop Bachelor Pad 1 winner Natalie Getz was smoochin’ on The Bachelorette 7’s Ben Castoriano. Steve also said Ryan Park — aka Mr. Sunshine, aka The Second Coming of Jake Pavelka — was seen with Valishia Savage of Jake’s The Bachelor Season 14.

Steve even asked of Natalie, “Hey, what happened to her crush on Ryan Park?”

Well, RumorFix’s sources say it’s alive and well and was on full display at the reunion, where Natalie and Ryan were reportedly “canoodling.”

A fellow Bachelor cast mate told RumorFix, “They were flirting nonstop. They were very cozy — it was kind of a big deal this weekend.” The source said Natalie “actually really likes this one! He is everything Natalie wants in a man!”

Natalie is the Flirt Queen of Bachelor Nation — she and her BP1 winner David Good were an item on the show and she was recently rumored to be dating Bachelor Matt Grant — and it’s kind of an adorable odd couple match to have someone so bold and brassy matched with earnest Mr. Sunshine.

What do you think? Is a Getz-Sunshine match worthy of one of Ryan’s cheesy heart-with-your-hands moves?

Source: RumorFix

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