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The Secret Circle

5 Reasons Why The Secret Circle Is The New Dawson’s Creek

Kevin Williamson is a boob tube magician. The creator of The Secret Circle is the man behind The Vampire Diaries, Scream, and I Know What You Did Last Summer. But Dawson’s Creek is arguably this TV exec’s opus. DC hit the small screen way back in 1998 and aired for six earth-shattering seasons, creating a tribe of teen archetypes we know and continue to love. After viewing the first half of Season 1 of The Secret Circle, we were bewitched by the storyline and see a lot of Dawson’s Creek similarities, right down to the soft colors and slanting sunlight. After eight whole years, do we have a new reason not to wait for our lives to be over?

Drum roll, please... here are our top 5 reasons why Chance Harbor is the new Capeside:

5. There’s a new girl in town.

Hang on to your mens, Chance Harbor girls: There’s been a blond bombshell infiltration. The very same thing happened to Capeside way back when Jen Lindley crashed the dock party. Michelle Williams’ character showed up and shook things up, stealing the love of Joey Potter’s life right from under her feet. Cassie Blake and Jen Lindley are total twinsies; they both moved from big cities to small towns, they both live with their grandmas, and they are both wary of the small town folk. Speaking of witch, er, which....

4. Grandma’s not someone to mess with.

Cassie’s grandma is the reason she ends up in Chance Harbor — just like Jen Lindley’s move to live with her Grams in Capeside. There are major differences here, like the fact that Jen’s move was something her parents forced on her for being a rabble rouser, whereas Cassie had to leave because a creepy guy murdered her mom. Grams was also super religious and strict, and it doesn’t seem like Cassie’s Grandma Jane is as uptight. (I mean, after all, she’s a witch.) But the G-mas have a lot in common — they both serve as moral counsel to their feisty blonde granddaughters.

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3. Blond and blue-eyed or dark and stormy?

Cassie’s got some serious first world problems with her man options. Thomas Dekker’s Adam is a sensitive and brave kid, possibly destined to be Cassie’s love match for life. But he’s got a girlfriend, and a sweet one at that. Their fated flirtation reminds us a lot of Dawson and Joey — not the whole destiny part, but the angsty are-they-ever-going-to-happen drama. Dawson adorably won the hearts of millions with his eloquent monologues and sensitive hair flipping. Then there was Pacey. Joshua Jackson created a whole new teen dream in Pacey Witter, Capeside’s witty town clown with a major soft spot for Joey Potter. We see major ghosts of WB heartthrobs past in Chris Zylka and Thomas Dekker — but it remains to be seen which Circle manwitch gets the girl.

2. The brunette girl has a major pouting problem.

Whoa, Faye Chamberlain, we haven’t seen someone pout that hard since Joey Potter’s signature frowny face. Phoebe Tonkin’s bad witch is certainly a lot more conniving than Joey ever was, but they share the same fiercely independent nature and dysfunctional family situation. Joey finally softened up and fell in love (multiple times!) — will Faye do the same, or is she too stubborn?

1. Love triangles!

First there’s Cassie and Adam and Diana, then there’s hints at a Cassie and Faye have a coming witchfight over Jake. This sounds a whole lot like the incestuous Capeside love dramz: first it was Dawson and Joey, and then it was Dawson and Jen, and then it was Pacey and Joey, and now the room is spinning while Shawn Mullins sings. The Circle’s love triangles may have a different soundtrack, but the storyline is looking pretty similar: the ups and downs of teenage love in a seaside town. Will they or won’t they? And: when?

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