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The Voice

The Voice’s Christina Milian Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Twitter Secrets and Whether She’ll Sing in Season 2 – Exclusive!

At NBC’s session for The Voice at the TV Critics’ Convention in Pasadena, the network stressed some changes for the show’s second season.

For the Battle Rounds stage of the competition, The Voice is adding eight award-winning musicians — music legend Lionel Richie as well as multi-platinum artists Kelly Clarkson, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Jewel, Miranda Lambert, Alanis Morissette, Ne-Yo and Robin Thicke — as advisers to the teams.

The show also announced a new role for a ninth musician, bringing on singer Christina Milian as the show’s new “Social Media Correspondent.”

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Christina at the NBC after-party to ask what her new role will be all about.

Wetpaint Entertainment: So why exactly is social media important to The Voice?

Christina Milian: The Voice had the most social media engagement last year, more than American Idol, Glee, or other such musical shows. Because while the show is going on, the coaches are actually tweeting the whole time, and fans are getting all the one-on-one, day-to-day and moment-to-moment information, which is pretty awesome.

I get to be an added value to that, and bring exclusive videos of behind-the-scenes footage. And then, when I do my interviews with everyone, I get to go a little bit deeper. It’s fun because it’s a little different when I do interviews, because as a musician, people respect me differently — like, “We’re friends so let’s just talk.”

So I actually get a lot more information that the fans will love. I’m doing all the show’s Facebook stuff — I’ve been blogging for NBC, and a lot of that stuff is about to come out, too.

So if someone tweets to The Voice, is it literally you typing back?

Yes! It’s my own fingers doing the typing — no publicist. I have my blackberry in hand 24/7. If I’m not carrying the blackberry, I’m carrying my iPad. And they gave me this tablet from Sprint. I’m on everything you can think of.

That’s a lot of work. Social media is the job that never ends.

It is. But I was already on top of that. I think that’s why they brought me on. I was already doing social media so much, period. They saw that I’m that way anyway about my own music and career, so imagine if I got involved with The Voice, with how detailed I am about everything. And the fans love the social media part. It brings them content that’s more exclusive and cool.

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Do you have any estimates of how much social media has helped your own fan base?

I couldn’t necessarily give numbers, but I know there are fans who have been there — and I know who they are — since day 1 of my career. Those are the people who have been die-hards for me, who remember videos and the chats that we did at the beginning of the Internet — before Facebook, when we had AOL chat rooms and dial-up.

I was involved in that stuff early on. It really helps with a career in music. Now you can stream music videos. You upload a YouTube video and next thing you know you get a record deal. Look at Justin Bieber, or Rebecca Black.

Will it be frustrating for you to be on a music show but not in a musical capacity?

No. Actually, not performing is probably building up my nerves. Because I feel there’s a lot of pressure these people are under, and a lot of fans watching. So by the time it’s my turn, I’ll be ready.

Wait, so you do think you will have a turn to sing?

I think I will. At least that was one of the incentives they gave me, when I got onto the show. I was like cool, I’ll do it!

You should jump into the next coaches’ medley. Why didn’t you?

That day that they filmed the [upcoming] Prince medley, I was in the back doing my makeup. I just saw it for the first time today!

We could use more than just the four of them.

Exactly. We could use a fifth person on “Little Red Corvette.”

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