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Vote Now! Boobs, Mouths, and Hair: Does Glee Make Too Many Mean Jokes?

With almost every new episode bringing a new comment about how big Sam’s mouth is, it’s clear that some of the jokes on Glee come at the actors’ expense. We’re sure that the actors are good sports about it, but at a certain point, some of that has got to hurt. So we’ve picked out the five actors’ traits that are picked on the most, in order to analyze which of those jokes go too far. Let us know if you agree!

Our take: Okay, so we’re not opposed to some good-natured ribbing every now and then. But for some of these attributes, it feels like the show’s writers just fall back on making fun of their actors’ physical traits when they’re short a joke. And that feels a little cheap. At this point, there have been so many jokes made about Sam’s mouth that it really does seem close to excessive.
Did the show go too far? YES.

Our take: When it comes to hating on Schue’s hair, Sue has been relentless since the show’s inception. But we can pretty much write off those insults as Sue being crazy. And Matthew Morrison could theoretically always change his hair if it really got to him, right?
Did the show go too far? NO.

Our take: It’s odd that Sam has made comments about Finn’s body, and that an entire episode subplot (in “Rocky Horror Glee Show”) was devoted to Finn’s body image issues, since Cory Monteith seems to be in pretty great shape to us. The show’s producers must have some pretty tough standards!
Did the show go too far? YES.

Our take: Finn’s comment (in “Grilled Cheesus”) about still wanting to touch Rachel’s boobs, even though they’re not very big, struck us as harsh — and we weren’t the only ones. Lea Michele stated in an interview that she found it hurtful, especially since she doesn’t think she has the smallest boobs on the show. So this one clearly went too far.
Did the show go too far? YES.

Our take: All these countless cracks about Santana’s apparent boob job have been confusing for us, since it’s not like she looks like Heidi Montag. In fact, Santana’s figure looks basically unchanged from last season. (And while it may be inappropriate, is saying that someone’s boobs look bigger really that much of an insult?)
Did the show go too far? NO.

01.28.2012 / 06:30 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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