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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Finale Spoilers: Marlene King Reveals the Return of Dr. Sullivan

In an interview with, Pretty Little Liars executive producer Marlene King reveals a few major spoilers for the Season 2 finale. Some of the facts are ones we knew already, but the return of Dr. Sullivan was something we were still unsure about.

Marlene says that the second half of Season 2 is just as much about the Little Liars self-awareness as it is about discovering “A”’s identity. “Our mantra for writing this season is ‘no victims please.’” We can see that in action already, now that Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has pushed Toby (Keegan Allen) out of her dangerous life, and Hanna (Ashley Benson) has begged the girls to keep Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) out of harm’s way.

The mantra also serves as a blueprint for the girls’ new, taking-charge viewpoints. They’re braver, bolder, and more determined — essentially, no longer acting like victims.

Marlene also says that the Paige (Lindsey Shaw) story line will be “lovely,” which leads us to believe that either Paige has nothing to do with “A” or any “A” group, or, we’ll see her helping Emily (Shay Mitchell) and the Little Liars out.

Finally, Marlene confirms that the curious and sudden disappearance of Dr. Sullivan (Annabeth Gish), their only confidante, will come full circle. Dr. Sullivan will be back, and “we will get to see her before the end of the season.” Thank goodness! Maybe we’ll even find out what was in that “Confidential” manila envelope as well.

Discuss this interesting tidbit: “You should see Psycho before you see the Season 2 finale.” Whoa! Will we get to see a version of Norman Bates and his mother before the season is through? Might it be Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker) and Mrs. DiLaurentis? We’re (almost) dying to find out.

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