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The Kardashians

Top 6 OMG Moments from Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 10: The Marriage-Ending Season Finale

Talk about crazy! Choosing just a few ridiculous moments from any Kourtney and Kim Take New York episode is always a challenge, but the Season 2 finale made this job particularly tough. A lot went down in the final hour of the season, from Kourtney learning to be more supportive of her beau to Kim losing her mind (and mascara) over the end of her marriage. Somehow, we still managed to cherry-pick the top 6 moments from Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 10 that made us gasp out loud:

6. Kim and Kris’ Fitness Flop
Kim and Kris decide to hit up a pilates class together in a last-ditch attempt to mend their marriage. Kris makes fun of Kim’s fitness “poker face” and suddenly the whole thing turns into one giant, spandexed fiasco. But there was one redeeming moment in this painful-to-watch scene: Kris Humphries’ hilarious workout grunting. So not hot.

5. Date Night Disaster
If you thought things were at their most awkward for Kim and Kris during pilates class, think again. The newlyweds’ supposed “date night” will go down in TV history as one of the most painful moments of all time. It’s not an exaggeration when we say the newlyweds had absolutely nothing to talk about besides the food.

4. Kourtney Calls Kim the B-Word
Kim – who knows full well she doesn’t want to be married anymore but has yet to tell her husband – panics when Kris tells her he wants to have all of his things shipped to her house in L.A. When Kim tells Kris he can only bring “one small bag,” Kourtney cuts over from across the penthouse and calls Kim a b*tch. We think this might have been the realest moment captured on Kardashian sister kam ever!

3. Kim Breaks Down
We has so many feelings while watching Kim bawl her pretty peepers out to Khloe (on the phone), Kourtney, and Scott. Kim says she’s feels she’s ruined Kris Humphries’ life and wasted every one’s time and money on her “fairytale” – which turned out to be just that: a fantasy. For real though, as much flack as Kim’s taken for her divorce decision, nobody can deny that the girl is in some serious emotional pain.

2. Kim Wants to Discuss Things Off-Camera
Yes, kids, this actually happened: Kim Kardashian said she wanted to discuss divorce with Kris away from the cameras.

1. Kris Wants a Divorce, Too
All the while we thought this whole divorce thing was one-sided, but as it turns out, Kris is totes over Kim, too, which he reveals to his friend in the car after putting all of his stuff in storage. Maybe there isn’t one “bad guy” in this situation after all.

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