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True Blood

True Blood Season 5 Speculation: What Does Scott Foley’s Character Want With Terry and Arlene?

Terry’s war buddy, Patrick (played by Scott Foley) is in Bon Temps for an unexpected visit, and as Lafayette would say, we’re getting all kinds of bad ju-ju vibes off of him.

First of all, Patrick wasn’t particularly friendly when he met Arlene, and it seemed like he and Terry might be in on a secret. We’re suspicious! Why is this super-hunk in town, how long is he going to stay, and what’s his endgame?

Check out three reasons we think Patrick is up in Terry’s grill, and warning: Spoilers lie ahead!

1. To Bond Over Their Hidden Past

A recent spoiler for season 5 episode 4, “We’ll Meet Again,” shed some light on Terry’s relationship with Patrick. While serving in the Iraq War back in 2003, they participated in an unexpected attack on a small town, which killed several innocent locals.

This could explain Terry’s severe PTSD — he must be ridden with guilt! Maybe Patrick is back to bond with Terry over their disturbing memories, but this is True Blood, not Saving Private Ryan. We smell something supernatural in the works.

2. To Expose Terry’s Secret Powers

What if Terry is packing secret supernatural powers which caused him to accidentally kill the village of Iraqi civilians? If this is the case, Patrick knows Terry’s secret and might threaten to spill the beans.

Terry as a powerful super-human? Hey, crazier things have happened on True Blood (For example, what Bill thinks is normal in the bedroom).

3. To Declare His Love for Terry

Maybe Patrick was lonely out in the desert and struck up a one-sided love affair with his comrade in arms!

Patrick did seem a little jealous of the attention Terry was giving Arlene when he stopped into Merlotte’s during the season finale. Sigh, this is Obsessed all over again! (Love you, Beyonce.)

Which of these scenarios do you think is the most likely, Truebies?

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