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The Bachelor

5 Reasons Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Could Actually Work

So you’ve been sipping on that Courtney-flavored Haterade, have ya? Well, as Bachelor history has taught us, not everything (and everyone) is what they seem. (See: Michelle Money, honey!) And once you give the girl a chance, you might discover some reasons why Ben Flajnik’s frontrunner Courtney Robertson just may be the perfect match for our Season 16 Bachelor. We did! Check them out:


1. They have killer physical chemistry: As our male Bachelor expert (among others in Bachelor Nation) has pointed out week after week, Courtney consistently remains the only girl whose head Ben holds while kissing her. Everything about his body language says he’s totally into her. And although having an instant attraction to someone isn’t a sure-fire sign of a long-lasting relationship, it’s definitely not a bad way to start.

2. She’s aggressive, Ben’s not: Courtney’s aggressive, and Ben likes aggressive. Ben has never seemed like the aggressive type and dating someone like Courtney could be a great balance for their relationship. It also means he doesn’t have to read her mind to know what she wants, which is super appealing to Ben, who probably wished he could read minds before he got down on one knee to propose to a JP-loving Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette Season 7.

3. She can handle her liquor, which is a good thing when you’re dating a winemaker. It could be the editing but she has to get caught getting sloppy off the sauce like Jenna Burke (see here) or Samantha Levey (and here). The last thing Ben needs is a lightweight who embarrasses him at wine conventions, or whatever.

4. They share a dry, dirty sense of humor
She's a dry-witted little smart ass who doesn't take everything too seriously and that seems right up his alley. He thought her "How'd that taste..." comment was a "sick burn." Can you picture Kacie Boguskie enjoying his "Cream Dreams" video? No. Courtney? Oh heck yeah.

5. Scotch likes her: Since Ben’s dog Scotch is the current love of his life, than she’s going to have to get along with him. And according to Ben, she made a very good first impression during their date in Episode 2. Plus, in her ABC bio she said her favorite childhood memory involved getting a dog for Christmas, so we know she’s not faking her passion for pooches for the cameras.

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