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The Bachelor

Ben Flajnik to Casey Shteamer: “Do You Even Like Me?” — Unseen Bachelor 16 Footage!

Warning: Slight spoilers ahead... Proceed with caution!

Credit: Still via Bachelor TV    

It's nice to see Casey Shteamer actually talking to Ben Flajnik, since she's gotten almost no screen time on The Bachelor Season 16 — other than defending her BFF Courtney Robertson. That said, awkwaaaard!

In this clip on the official Bachelor site, we see Ben and Casey try to talk about the fact that they don't always connect. (They also discuss the Courtney drama, in a roundabout way.) Their attempt to get closer just seems to highlight their lack of a real connection (but at least she likes herself, as she notes in the video).

Could the reason she’s not feeling it with Ben be because she’s (SPOILER ALERT!) still seeing someone back home? She even stutters at the end when Ben tries to pinpoint why she’s so closed off:

Ben: Do you think this could work for you? Are you OK with all of this?
Casey: I’m OK with all of this. To be honest, like... I’m … that is not my reserv... like, I don’t have... yeah, no, I think this could definitely work for me.

So what is her reserv... ation? Was this a sign that Casey was never into him? Why did she even come on The Bachelor if the rumors are true?

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