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Gossip Girl

Is Georgina Gossip Girl? Producers Dish on Future Season 5 Episodes!

The 100th episode has opened up some major plotlines for the spring season. When Wetpaint Entertainment had the chance to catch up with exec producers Josh Safran and Stephanie Savage, we got all the scoop on your favorite Upper East Siders.

Read on to find out what to expect from Nate’s love life, Georgina’s endeavor, the two Charlie Rhodes, and whether or not there’s more Gossip Girl on the horizon after Season 5.

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What are we going to see in the spring episodes?

Josh: You’re going to see a lot of people reacting and behaving badly about certain decisions that have been made. And you’re going to see Georgina really try to get even more dirt and gossip, and stick around and cause so much more trouble.

Are you nervous about how fans will react to Georgina as Gossip Girl?

Josh: Totally! Of course. You’re always nervous but we feel very confident about that and where the story is going. Once you see more the picture will become clearer.

Whether she’s the old Gossip Girl or the new Gossip Girl, she’s going to take on this role full force?

Josh: She has this role. And now that you see that she has this role you’re invited into a process that for years you haven’t seen. So seeing that process of just how Gossip Girl gets her tips and what she does to get her tips is really fun and a new thing.

Stephanie: You get to go behind the curtain with the wizard.

What is her motive? Pure evil?

Stephanie: It’s more entertainment than evil.

Josh: …Entertaining herself. Maximum damage makes her laugh. The more she can laugh, the better.

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We met the real Charlie Rhodes, are you going to develop that character?

Josh: Absolutely. You see her in Episode 11, you see her in [the wedding] episode as well, and Ella Rae Peck will be with us for quite a long time.

Where’s Ivy hiding?

Josh: Actually, that’s a really good question. And there’s an answer in that.

Nate seems to have love on the horizon, what will we see for him?

Josh: I think Nate (Chace Crawford) has had so many problems with his family that when he meets someone else who deals with similar things he’s actually in a position to help them and use what he’s learned in his life to help someone else — as opposed to constantly getting sh*t on. The love on the horizon is a really interesting story for him, I think, and allows him to mature emotionally in a way that this year he’s matured in business.

How does Elizabeth Hurley (Diana Payne) tie into the storyline?

Josh: Elizabeth is coming back, and she’s coming back in a very delicious fashion. It’s almost like a shot in the arm in the last third of the season. When she comes back the Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) story and the Nate story will converge, with Diana. And Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) comes back in convergence with that same story.

Will there be another season?

Stephanie: Well, we’re not writing a series finale this year. That’s after so many conversations where people roll their eyes at me and go, “dude, seriously, you have to stop asking if you should be writing the series finale.” We’ve definitely checked in with our bosses to make sure we’re not shooting ourselves in the foot.

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