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The Lying Game

Lying Game Spoilers: Randy Wayne Dishes on the Future of Justin and Laurel’s Relationship — Exclusive!

The relationship between Justin and Laurel on The Lying Game is quite a dilemma. Justin (Randy Wayne) has admitted he was lying about pretty much everything and used Laurel (Allie Gonino) to get closer to her father Ted (Andy Buckley). But believe it or not, the two are going to try to make it work.

“Everyone saw Justin’s last ditch effort, pouring his heart out and being truly honest with Laurel,” Randy Wayne tells Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview. “I think that was genuine enough and I think she believes him this time, so it looks like they’re going to try to make it work.”

Unfortunately, that’s not a plan Ted is a-ok with.

“Ted doesn’t want that to happen, so it’s go to be an under-the-table relationship,” reveals Randy. “It’s going to be interesting because it’s always been Justin who’s been lying and what you’re going to see is honesty coming from him,” he adds. “But if the relationship keeps going you might see Laurel doing the lying now. It changes the whole landscape of the relationship and their characters.”

Randy admits their relationship might soon be at a crossroads. “We’ll see how long it will last,” he says. “I think Ted wants the [back]story to die there, and he doesn’t want Justin hanging around, bringing up questions about what happened."

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Laurel’s career in music — as well as a certain musician in her life who will be making regular appearances on the show — may prove to be too much for Justin.

“Her life is going in a different direction with music now, so as much as Justin likes music I don’t know if he can keep up with her love of music,” he says.

Her love of what, we ask? “I don’t know…I mean, I do know, but you have to watch and see,” he teases. “I called it the love of music, didn’t I?”

But Randy would love for Justin and Laurel’s rocky relationship to have a happy ending. “I really want it to work out,” he says. “I hope Justin stays on for a while and they do something creative with that relationship. I wouldn’t care if he became a bad guy, I think that would be awesome.”
The show might need a new arch nemesis, according to Randy.

“Everyone’s going to be in for some big surprises by the end of the season because there are some big characters that are going to be wiped out.”

Now that kind of drama is music to our ears.

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