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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Play the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Drinking Game!

It seems like Watch What Happens Live gets to have all the fun when Bravo’s Andy Cohen gives viewers a ‘secret drinking word’ that signals viewers to take a sip when they hear it. (Example: “the ladysitter.”)

But we think it’s about time we start to pre-party during Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show. It seems only fair, since the ladies get to have their fair share of bubbly, giant-sized martinis, and rosé wine tastings (if you’re Lisa Vanderpump and you own a restaurant, that is). Plus, after all, everyone knows a glass (or two) of champs is the only way to get through a painful reunion.

So, grab your glasses (but please, not Adrienne’s $500 champagne flutes; we’re keeping this game casual), get all your girls together (because, like psychic Alison DuBois likes to say, “It’s Girls Night!”), and play this when you tune in to the RHoBH reunion show.

Be classy, take one sip anytime:

  • Someone calls another Housewife “insecure”
  • Lisa kisses Giggy
  • Brandi points her finger
  • Camille shrugs
  • Someone says "Maloof hoof"
  • A big accusation is made (to someone’s face or behind their back)

Be sassy, take two sips anytime:

  • Anyone dances (add an extra sip if Kyle Richards whips her ponytail back and forth; add an additional sip if Camille Grammer shows off her Club MTV moves)
  • Kim Richards is dressed like a present
  • A Housewife is spotted in shoes that aren’t high heels
  • Brandi wears a see-through or barely-there shirt
  • Mauricio makes an appearance (add an extra sip if he’s shirtless)
  • Brandi flirts with Ken or vice-versa
  • Kevin Lee says "Shi-shi-shi!"

Be trashy, take three sips anytime:

  • Camille says “Kelsey”
  • Lisa talks about the "million dollar wedding"
  • Someone rolls their eyes
  • One Housewife accuses another Housewife of using drugs
  • Someone admits to plastic surgery
  • A Housewife has to be physically held back by another Housewife

As always, please do not drink and drive. (That’s what limos are for!) This game is for Beverly Hills fans that are 21 and up. Cheers, dahling!

01.31.2012 / 07:36 AM EDT by Annie Buchanan
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