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The Lying Game

The Lying Game Recap of Season 1, Episode 15, “Dead Man Talking”: Murder Mayhem

Are you enjoying this cold, wintry weather? Well, break out a string bikini and some spray tan, because we’re taking a trip to Arizona, where the temperature is hot and the eye-candy is hotter! This week on The Lying Game, our favorite twinsies Emma (Alexandra Chando) and Sutton delved deeper into the mystery surrounding their birth mom, and came up with some new clues along the way. And, of course, shirtless hotties abound! (No, not talking about Alec Rybak – you wish!)

I Know Who Killed Me

What’s worse: Finding out the crazy lady you thought was your mom is actually just a baby-stealer, or being told that a snake-man is trying to kill you? Sutton and Emma are thrown for a major loop after they realize Annie Hobbs isn’t their real mother, and Emma is ready to start their search for the truth all over again. Sutton? Not so much. She has more important things on her mind, like staring at the giant portrait of Ethan (Blair Redford) that she has as a screen saver.

Fortunately, Sutton has no choice but to get her Nancy Drew on when she and Ethan head to school and spy Char’s ex-boyfriend, Derek – who has a snake tattoo on his wrist! That can only mean one thing: He must be the murderer who’s trying to kill them! After a visit with Derek’s mom, the gang learn that his car broke down at the lake on the night of Sutton’s birthday and Dan (Tyler Christopher) picked him up.

Meanwhile, Emma’s still squatting in the Mercers’ cabin, where she lives on a diet of double-stuffed Oreos and lukewarm coffee, which her studs-in-waiting bring her every morning. Luckily, the news about Derek’s involvement in the lakeside drowning gives Emma a chance to get some air, and she decides to take Sutton’s midterms while the Suttster and Ethan search for Derek. Please, girl just wants access back into that closet. Two words: clown pants.

In other news, Laurel (Allie Gonino) has officially declared herself single and ready to mingle, which naturally means she’ll only be seen eating grapefruit slices from now on. But will she be able to resist Justin’s (Randy Wayne) grifter vigilante charm? No way! Turns out Laurel’s been moonlighting as Justin’s girlfriend, and they indulge in their passionate love affair at school. Note to everyone: Always knock before opening a janitor’s closet.

Sutton suggests that Laurel should lie to the fam about her sordid affair (it’s called The Lying Game, duh!), so she and Justin head to a cafe for a date, where Laurel meets a hunky singer-songwriter. Of course, Laurel joins said hunk’s band – which is the perfect alibi for dating Justin! But does our favorite avenger have a case of the jellies?

Credit: Felicia Graham/ABCFamily Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group    

Back to Basics

Emma books it back to the Mercer house to put on Sutton’s Loubies, and her sweet disposition has everyone thinking that she has multiple personality disorder. One day she’s dishing out advice and high-fiving peeps, and the next she’s giving Kirsten (Helen Slater) the middle finger with her eyes. Meanwhile, Mads still has the hots for Sutton’s secret ninth grade de-virginizer, Ryan, and she asks Sutton to cover for her so they can go on a date. Of course, Emma doesn’t know about Sutton and Mads’ plan, so she calls Alec (Adrian Pasdar) and blows their cover.

Daddy Rybak is horrified that Mads lied to him, so he and Rebecca stay up late and wait for her to come home. Obviously, some flirty bonding happens, and Becs kinda, maybe, sorta implies that she’s Sutton and Emma’s real mom. In more important news, Alec has chosen to decorate his kitchen entirely with wine bottles. Preach, Rybs!

Credit: Felicia Graham/ABCFamily Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group    

Bonnie and Clyde

Curious as ever, Ethan heads over to Dan’s house to ask about Derek, but Dan’s all “Ugh, let me grill these burgers” and completely blows him off. Little does Ethan know that Dan immediately asks Alec Rybak if they should bring Derek in for questioning. Alec’s response? Looking evil and shaking his head in judgement.

Over at the cabin, Sutton checks her “online friends profile” (ABC Family’s answer to Facebook), and realizes that Derek works at a body shop, so she and Ethan head over to interrogate him. You guessed it: Ethan beats him to a pulp. Poor Derek admits that he was supposed to hijack Sutton’s car and take her “to a parking lot” the night of her birthday, but they drove into the lake by accident. After Ethan gets in a few more punches, he and Sutton drive home only to be pulled over by a cop who notices a nasty cut on Ethan’s hand! Uh oh, we have a bad feeling about this.

Yep. So, turns out Derek is dead. (We’ll give you a moment to grieve.) Of course, we know Emma and Ethan didn’t do it, and Daddy Rybak was with Rebecca the entire night – which leaves Thayer (Christian Alexander)? Yeah, yeah – he’s a nerd – but if The Lying Game has taught us anything, it’s to trust no one!

Let’s not forget that Dan’s cop friend saw Ethan with a bruised hand the night of the murder, which apparently leaves Ethan with no choice but to skip town and hide. Because that doesn’t look suspicious or anything. The plan? Emma and Sutton will switch places for what must be the third time in one episode, and then Emma and Ethan will run away together. Of course, the police take Emma in for questioning before any of this can go down, so Ethan has to take Sutton with him to the great unknown. Fingers crossed that they become wilderness survivalists and live in a cave for the rest of this show.

Oh, meanwhile Rebecca seems to think Alec wants to pop the question, so she goes shopping for engagement rings. Weddings have never been so evil....

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