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The Bachelor

Why Is Casey Shteamer Crying? Chris Harrison Previews The Bachelor 16, Episode 6 and How It Relates to Bentley Williams

They do listen. They do learn. That seems to be the message of Chris Harrison’s brief mention of Casey Shteamer’s upcoming drama in his Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 5.

In February 6’s Episode 6, where the Ben and the contestants make their next Central American stop in Panama City, the previews show Chris talking to Casey and Casey subsequently sobbing into his arms, then being driven away. What gives?

Chris’s explanation/teaser:

You also saw next week that there is obviously an incident involving Casey S. What I’ll tell you is this has something to do with her personal life back home and it concerned me enough to step in and talk to her about it. In next week’s blog I’ll explain exactly why I did what I did and how some of it was related to my regret of how I handled the Bentley situation with Ashley.

Ah, Bentley. As we’ll never be able to forget, Bentley Williams was the guy who was sweet to Ashley Hebert's face then trashed her to the cameras on The Bachelorette Season 7. Bentley, Ashley, and the producers all felt the wrath of the fans after that.

It sounds like they actually decided to do something this time, more along the lines of when Chris stepped in to talk to Rozlyn Papa about her alleged "inappropriate relationship" with a producer on Jake Pavelka’s Bachelor Season 14, or when Chris set up a call between Ali Fedotowsky and Justin Rego's alleged girlfriend back home on Bachelorette 6.

Boyfriend alert?

It's possible Casey's incident is something not related to an off-show relationship — she does seem to sob like it's much more serious than that — but ABC did issue this teaser tweet last week: "Soon it will be revealed that one bachelorette still has a boyfriend... Who do you think it is?"

Is that related to Casey or do we have to deal with Casey's incident and *then* discover someone else is also carrying a major secret?

Read Chris' blog for a lot more on this week’s ep, where he addresses the Courtney Robertson's skinny dipping stunt and Ben’s decision to send Elyse Myers and Jennifer Fritsch home.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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