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Damian McGinty on Rory’s Future and Why Ricky Martin’s Song May Be Glee’s Best Number Ever — Wetpaint Exclusive!

After what could only be described as a grueling auditioning process, The Glee Project co-winner Damian McGinty has now made it well past his promised seven episodes and won over not just creator Ryan Murphy, but the hearts of Gleeks everywhere. We caught up with the Irish cutie at the FOX TCA All Star Party a few weeks back to hear what’s going on with his character, Rory Flanagan, and got the scoop on upcoming episodes.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What is going on in life?
Damian McGinty: What is going on in life is I’ve been living in L.A. for half a year now. I’ve been working on Glee the last five months. I’m on my tenth episode. So I’m just working hard, expecting nothing, but I feel good. And I want to work hard and get a full-time role. That’s my plan.

What was the transition like from episode seven to eight? Was there any discussion about how many episodes you’re doing in total?
No. You know what? We haven’t talked about it. I’ve spoken to the writers, and it’s like an ongoing thing right now. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen. But we’re going with it. Rory’s growing on the show. I’m having a blast. I’m getting on so incredibly well with the cast. They’ve all turned into some of my best friends.

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Who, in particular, have you become good friends with?
All the girls are so beautiful. Really, it’s ridiculous. But the guys, they’re all so cool. Kevin McHale’s one of my best friends. Chord Overstreet, he plays Sam, is such a cool guy. And then, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Harry Shum Jr., Mark Salling, they’re all so nice. I swear it’s like one big family. It really is.

What story lines are coming up for you?
I was talking to Ryan on Friday, and there is a story line coming up with me and two other characters. So I hope it’s going to be a romantic involvement, but who knows? We’ll see.

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Fellow Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen has just started filming. What about runner-ups Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell: Have you seen them since?
Lindsay’s finished for now. I’m not sure if she’s going to come back. I think she will, but Alex is coming in at end of season. He’s working with Jonathan Groff [Jesse St. James] when it’s leading up to Nationals. So that’s going to be a fun story line for him.

We’ve got to talk Michael Jackson. What was that like to film?
That is a crazy episode. It was so much work. So much choreography, so much dancing.

Your favorite thing to do, right?
Oh, yeah. I love choreography (laughs), but it was so much fun. It’s a great episode because not only is it a tribute episode, it’s got a great story running through it. Actually, Darren Criss is off on Broadway right now, so they have to find a way to explain why he’s not going to be here for a while. So it’s a good episode.

But he’s coming back, right?
Oh, yeah. He’s coming back.

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So apart from the Michael Jackson episode, any highlights we can discuss?
We were working with Ricky Martin. That was so much fun. He’s such a good guy. And we actually did a number this week, I think it’s going to be one of the best numbers Glee has ever done. I really do.

I can’t really say why. It’s [with] Ricky Martin, and we all have our own little section with him. It’s hard to explain without giving it away, but it’s so awesome. So funny.

So in the water, do you have an advantage? I know you’re not really into the dancing, but in the water, are you all on the same level?
Yeah, we’re all definitely new to dancing in water. That’s for sure. But I can barely swim, so it was difficult, to say the least. It was hard, but it was either sink or swim, so I made myself stay afloat. I don’t know what I did, but I did something.

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