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The Kardashians

Did Kris Humphries Really Say He Wanted to Divorce Kim Kardashian? Source Alleges Finale Scene Was Edited

We’ll admit we were a teensy bit confused when we heard a little rumor that Kris Humphries didn’t really want to divorce Kim Kardashian. If we recall, isn’t that exactly what he said in one of the final scenes of the Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2 finale – “I just want a divorce”?

Well, maybe he did, or maybe he didn’t. According to one Humphries insider who spoke to Hollywood Life, Kris “never” said he wanted to call it quits, and the Humphries camp thinks the scene was manipulated!

This isn’t the first time rumors have swirled regarding staged or otherwise manipulated KKTNY scenes. Just a few weeks ago, critics tore apart the final scene of Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 7, where Kim confessed her marital woes to Momager Kris Jenner in a car with blacked out windows, claiming that the show fooled fans into thinking the footage was from Dubai, while it was actually filmed in an L.A. studio in December. Kris Humphries has also called the show “fake” several times.

While the finale clearly shows Kris stating he wants a divorce, the source says Kris’ actual words may have been more along the lines of, “It seems like she’s ready to get a divorce,” but were later chopped and dubbed in.

So, who’s telling the truth here? Well, according to the source, the only real witness to that fateful conversation, the guy in the car, Kris’ friend Josh, is very angry and definitely doesn’t remember Kris using the D-word.

Source: Hollywood Life

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