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Glee Cast Sounds Off About Sebastian! Who Called Him a “F—ing Tyrant”?

We know the New Directions kiddos are about to let out their aggression toward that particularly evil Warbler, Sebastian (Grant Gustin), in tonight’s MJ tribute, Season 3, Episode 11: “Michael”… But how do the folks behind the characters feel about the new villain?

Turns out they’ve got some pent-up aggression of their own – and the leader of the pack is the man behind Sebastian’s main target, Chris Colfer (Kurt)!

Chris dished to TV Guide on how the ep will play out, and how his real-life reaction to the situation might differ ever-so-slightly from his on-screen counterpart. And it’s amazing.

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“It’s the peak of the Sebastian arc,” Chris said of the episode. “And I can say Sebastian takes things to a very harmful extreme. It’s when you see the difference between myself and Kurt. Like, if someone had done what Sebastian is gonna do in my world? They’d come up missing.”

Snap! (But he didn’t stop there…)

“I wouldn’t be diplomatic like Kurt is,” he continued. “Kurt is way too diplomatic. I’d go get my shovel out of the backseat of my car and I’d take care of business, Clovis-style. No messing around.”

We know what you’re thinking… A) Oh my! and B) This must indicate there’s a lot more to that Slushie-in-the-face business… Yes, we think so too!

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Chris’ co-star Kevin McHale (Artie) echoes the sentiment. “Sebastian turns into a f---ing tyrant,” he told the mag. “The whole Kurt and Blaine thing really pisses Sebastian off and he takes it out on New Directions. So we all team up to do something about it, and Artie doesn’t really agree with how Mr. Schue wants to handle things.”

Artie’s frustration leads him to scream – literally. Yep, the much-teased re-creation of MJ and sister Janet’s legendary video for “Scream” comes in reaction to Sebastian’s devilish deeds. (Perhaps we’ll owe him a “thank you” for that? Let’s face it, that’s gonna be totally awesome.)

Source: TV Guide

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