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Glee Season 3: Who is Grant Gustin aka the New Gay Warbler, Sebastian?

Can you believe it was way back in November — Glee Season 3, Episode 5: “The First Time,” to be exact — when we first met a very handsome new Warbler (billed as "the male Santana") named Sebastian. It was back before anyone really knew too much about Grant Gustin, at all. Back then, the actor sat down with Billboard and dished all about how a show-biz newbie ended up snagging a guest spot on one of TV's hottest shows. Miss any of the original interview? Take a look at what you need to know:

An Ohio native, Grant spent his sophomore year of college spring break in NYC auditioning at an open call for the tour of West Side Story (yes, West Side Story!) and, sure enough, snagged a role as Baby John. An avid tapper, he originally tried his hand at Glee auditioning to be one of the back-up dancers in The Glee Project star Lindsay Pearce's "Anything You Can Do/Anything Goes" mash-up. While he didn't book the job, Ryan Murphy and Co. remembered him when the role of Sebastian came up and invited him to audition again. This kid is either super-talented or super-charming or super-hot in person (or all three), because, with zero professional credits to his name other than the tour of WSS, he got the part! So yeah, he's like the luckiest 21 year old on the planet.

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Expect Sebastian to be every bit as cool, confident, charming, and comfortable with his sexuality as Blaine (Darren Criss) was when we first met him last season, but, of course, with the added villainous factor of trying to snatch Kurt (Chris Colfer)’s boyfriend. As Grant says, Sebastian is like Blaine, but a step further. "He's a guys-guy, just a dude who happens to be gay, he's a lacrosse player, he's popular," Grant explains, "And he's also trying to take the place that Blaine had as the leader of the Warblers."

And while Darren solidified his spot from the minute he stepped on the Glee scene with “Teenage Dream,” Grant’s future on the show is yet to be determined. “I've done one episode and it's kind of one at a time right now.” says Grant. ”It's not like a set mark, which is fine because it means there's not an end date on it, but also no guarantee on if I'll do more.”

And does Grant have to say about the man whose Warbler blazer he’ll be trying to fill? “Darren's great,” he says. “[F]rom what I've heard from people who've known him before this all happened, he's remained the same, and very cool. I can only hope the same for myself if I'm so lucky to blow up the way that he has.”

Needless to say, he’ll be playing to a much tougher crowd: “The idea of splitting up Klaine, if you [will], is not sitting well with people.”

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