Jenelle Evans: Kieffer Told Me He’d Take the Fall for Drug Charges
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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans: Kieffer Told Me He’d Take the Fall for Drug Charges

Jenelle Evans had a total breakdown on this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 over getting a year of probation stemming from her arrest for drug possession and breaking and entering.

On the Teen Mom 2 After Show, Jenelle says that she went into court believing then-boyfriend Kieffer Delp would take responsibility for his actions the night they were both arrested. Instead, he put the blame on her.

“There was a bowl and there was a little pile of weed next to the bowl and it was Kieffer’s,” Jenelle explains.

“Kieffer told me before court, I’ll take the fall for it. And when we get court, his lawyer’s like, ‘Jenelle’s trying to throw you under the bus. She’s trying to get you in trouble.’ And while we’re in court, he goes, ‘Nope it wasn’t mine, none of it was mine.’ And then they’re like, OK Jenelle, since it was yours, you’re on supervised probation.”

Talk about chivalry, huh?

The sentencing came as a shock to Jenelle, who had a teary meltdown afterward. "I lost all my friends,” Jenelle says. “Well, I didn’t lose them, but I couldn’t associate with any of them. The probation officer I signed up with lives three houses up from my mom, still does. So she lives on my street.”

No wonder Jenelle has since gone on the straight and narrow!

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