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Teen Mom

Kailyn Lowry on Jo Having a New Girlfriend: ”I Hate It”

Perhaps the most awkward meeting ever went down on Teen Mom 2 this week, between Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy Jo Rivera and her boyfriend Jordan.

But though she was nervous about the face-to-face, Kallyn says she was happily surprised by Jo’s behavior.

“I thought Jo was going to walk in the house and pretty much just lay down the law and act like this tough guy, like I’m the dad,” Kailyn explained on the Teen Mom 2 After Show.

“But he really surprised me. He was nice about it, there was this little awkward handshake. He didn’t have much to say, it was all like good intentions.”

(Well, except for when Jo asked Jordan if he used crack.)

In the episode, Jo also revealed he was dating someone, and Kailyn didn't like it one bit. As far as she’s concerned, Jo should stay single.

“I hate it. I think it’s a completely different situation than me seeing Jordan,” Kailyn said.

“I know some people call me a hypocrite, but Jo has his family and everyone else to help him out. And yeah, I have Jordan, but Isaac is the only family that I really have that can never be taken away from me.”

Kailyn shouldn't worry; of course she'll always been the No. 1 lady in Isaac's life! Still, she couldn't help but be jealous.

“It scares me to think Isaac’s gonna go over there on the weekends, his girlfriend’s gonna be there, his whole family’s gonna be there,” she added.

“It’s this picture-perfect thing and I’m not even there. Watching the footage, I didn’t even realize, Jo and I were like flirting in front of Jordan’s face!”

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