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Dancing With The Stars

Rumor: Chaz Bono Considering Bachelor-Type Dating Show

He didn't completely catch the dancing bug, but Chaz Bono may be getting addicted to reality TV. A source told Perez Hilton that producers have approached the Dancing With the Stars Season 13 celeb to be on a dating show, where he could find someone new after his December breakup with fiancee Jennifer Elia.

Perez's source says Chaz "is all for it," but his mom Cher reportedly thinks it's a bad idea. Perez writes, "she's afraid her son has become obsessed with being a 'celebrity' and she is afraid that being on a reality show like this will just end in heartache and embarrassment."

Always listen to mama. Perez thinks Chaz should be ABC's actual bachelor, but there's no way The Bachelor is ready to cast a transgender rosemaster — or, frankly, anyone who doesn’t look like a Greek statue shirtless. Last week we learned Andy Cohen was almost ABC's first gay bachelor, but that was accidental, because they approached him years ago, before they knew he was gay. (He would’ve been awesome!)

So if Chaz does do a dating show, it'll probably be far out of Bachelor Nation. Having said that, Cher should totally be The Bachelorette! That would be killer.

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Source: Perez Hilton