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Gossip Girl

Top 10 OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 13: “G.G.”

Let's face it, this episode was basically just giant leaps from one OMG to another! “G.G” had it all... The return of Georgina! Confessions of love! Creepy royals! Awesome parents! Chair! Dair! And, oh yeah, a royal wedding!

With more than enough OMGs to choose from... Here are our top ten!

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Blair (Leighton Meester) tells Chuck (Ed Westwick) she loves him!
Far be it from us to dispense wedding-day advice, but if you're telling a dude you love him while standing in a wedding dress about to walk down the aisle to marry another dude... Need we continue?

Gossip Girl's HANDS... TYPE!
In hindsight, this was crazy foreshadowing, but in that first moment when we SAW THE HANDS, well... we wondered what was with that dated manicure. Ew, seriously, french tips?!

Chuck poisons Father Cavalli!
Naturally. What really got us here was the line about the tap water from a bathroom in Mexico. Oh, Master Bass. We'd be shaking our finger but, lo and behold, you were actually trying to save the day. (Bonus OMG!)

Eleanor to the rescue!
WHAT THE. Eleanor makes a dash from the church to retrieve the last man on earthhh that we'd expect. We've never, ever loved Eleanor more! (Okay, we admit, up until now we never, ever loved Eleanor.)

Serena (Blake Lively) tells Dan (Penn Badgley) she loves him!
One word: Painful. Serena, did you take no hints from that lil' dream of yours? Audrey Hepburn wins. Plus, it's your best friend's wedding, and you just got double confirmation that Dan is in love with her. Stop being jealous of standing outside the spotlight and just SHUT UP.

After 4.5 seasons, how did we not even THINK about that happening? OF COURSE a show ruled by a hyper-informed cyber personality would have a ROYAL WEDDING ruined by buzzing mobile phones. Duhhh.

Prince Louis (Hugo Becker)'s heart is broken!
Okay, maybe we could also say this: LOUIS IS EVIL. But let's face it, homeboy was shamed at the altar. He's the PRINCE of MONACO and his bride ran away from him just as they were about to get married. That's like... an international scandal, a'ight? Dude's entitled to some upset. Us? We might not have gone through with the wedding and played the victim instead... Louis, he chose a life of revenge. Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to. (Remember on Friends when Ross said Rachel's name at the altar and polite little Brit Emily turned into a she-devil? Exactly.)

Sure, she runs after she's signed a document attaching her to those evil royals. GOOD ONE, Waldorf! (Mega-eyerolls.)

We love Chuck to no end, but after seeing Dan's face when Serena word-vomited all over him... the dude earned this moment with Blair. Chuck's gonna be peeved, but if we can't have Chair for awhile, we will ever-so-GLADLY take Dair in its place in the meantime.

AND OMFG... Georgina is Gossip Girl! (MAYBE?)
Who knows what all can be implied from this episode-ending SHOCKER (except for the aforementioned need for a manicure...), but one thing's for certain: We couldn't stop saying "WHAT! WHAT? WHAT!!!!" to ourselves as the screen faded to black. That’s the true mark of a truly terrific OMG moment, no? (And, seriously... WHAT!)

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02.1.2012 / 12:58 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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