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Warbler Titus Makin Jr: Is He Team Sebastian or Team Blaine? — Wetpaint Exclusive!

Blaine (Darren Criss) may have transferred out of Dalton Academy at the beginning of Glee Season 3, but thanks to the introduction of new Warbler Sebastian (Grant Gustin) — the boys of Dalton are certainly not out of the picture yet! In honor of the Warbler's return to Glee for tonight's Season 3, Episode 11: “Michael,” we thought we'd re-visit one of our favorite Warbler interviews.

Back in early December, Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Titus Makin Jr, who plays Warbler David on Glee. Titus gave us the inside scoop on all things Warbler-related, including what Grant Gustin is really like. (Hint: He’s the exact opposite of sneaky, conniving Sebastian.) Plus, has Darren Criss changed at all since he first skyrocketed to fame on Glee last year? Read on to find out!

The popularity of Darren Criss and the Warblers last season took a lot of people by surprise. Did you have any idea how big it would be when you first joined Glee?

When I first signed on, I auditioned, and they were only going to have our characters for two episodes, at first. I was like, Oh wow. That’s great! I get to be on Glee for two episodes! And then “Teenage Dream” aired [...] and we were just blown away. All of us were on the same roller coaster ride. They just kept bringing us back, [for this summer’s Glee! Live] tour, everything.

Last season, it seems like the Warblers were in almost every episode. After Blaine transferred to McKinley, we’ve seen a lot less of you all. Do you miss it?
Of course. I think we’ll definitely always miss it, but we are completely appreciative of what we’ve got, because we always expected it to just be a couple episodes. [...] Any time they bring us back, it’s kind of like a bonus.

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The new Warbler, Sebastian, is quite the schemer. Is Grant Gustin anything like Sebastian in real life?
No, and that actually shows how talented he is, because he is completely the opposite! He is not conniving and backstabbing. He is the sweetest, most humble person. So the fact that he can tap into that is amazing. Just like Naya [Rivera], because she is not like [Santana] in real life.

What is Grant Gustin like?
He’s awesome. [...] He’s just, like, a small town guy, [...] He just came out here from New York. And [Glee] was his first audition coming off of the show he was doing in New York. [...] He’s really just a humble guy, and he’s really just taking it one day at a time.

What do you think of the Kurt-Blaine-Sebastian love triangle? Who are you rooting for?
Well, you know? I’m not going to say. Blaine is our friend. I won’t necessarily root against him, but we do have to have solid Warbler support at all times. Since Grant is still a Warbler, I’ll have to be on his side. But Blaine is an honorary Warbler forever, so [...] I guess I’ll kind of leave it in the middle.

So then are you a fan of Kurt and Sebastian getting together? You think they could be a cool pairing?
I actually think Sebastian should date Naya [Santana] — out of nowhere. I think that would be an awesome story twist, just because they’re like similar characters. It would be a great match. [Editor's note: After watching that Smooth Criminal performance, we can defintielysee what he's talking about!]

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Have you been in Season 3 so far? Did you perform during “Uptown Girl”?
Yeah, I was in there. The good thing about what they’re doing now with the Warblers is that they’re using us all internally. [...] Like in the past, my character has had a few lines every episode. And now, this season, they’re starting to use Curt [Mega, the lead singer of “Uptown Girl”] a little more. So I was there for “Uptown Girl,” but it was Curt’s time to shine.

Are the Warblers coming back later this season?
We are possibly back for more. We don’t have all the details yet. But it is a strong possibility for some of the upcoming competition episode. So, we’ll see. [Glee creator] Ryan [Murphy] has always been really generous to us. He’s always thrown us in somewhere. So, he’s definitely willing to use us over and over.

The Warblers seem to have quite a loyal fan following, too.
And our fan support has been amazing. They’ve been tweeting — and all of the above. It’s great to have them.

You’ve known Darren Criss from his very beginning on Glee: Back when nobody knew who he was. Now that he’s this huge star, has he changed at all? Is there anything different?
No. As far as personality-wise, he is completely the same. And anybody that says anything different does not know Darren at all. Because of Darren and Ryan, we’ve stayed in the loop. Darren is always bringing us up to Ryan. [... saying] We need to use them more. And [...] they kept bringing us back! He’s definitely looking out for everybody, and he’s just as sweet and humble as Grant — plus more.

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What’s something that fans wouldn’t know about him? What would surprise them?
That’s a hard question, because he’s a pretty open guy. He definitely lays it all out there for his fans. I will say this: as far as tour is concerned, we discovered that he is a great rapper. That came out of nowhere. We were just hanging out, jammin’ on the bus, with a guitar. I started rapping, and he — followed up, and kind of beat me at it! So he’s a great rapper.

Like freestyle?
Freestyle, yeah. Just playing something random on the guitar and we just — went for it.

What sort of things are you doing when you’re not hanging out on Glee, being a Warbler?
In January, I did a film with Lucy Hale [Aria in Pretty Little Liars] and Megan Park [Grace in The Secret Life of the American Teenager]. It’s an ABC Family movie, and it’s called A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song. That comes on ABC Family in January. It’s just a new twist on the typical Cinderella story. There was one [...] a few years ago with Selena Gomez, and she has the whole Cinderella story where she has to reunite with the prince.

This one: It’s not about a lost glass slipper anymore. This one is about a girl who wants to be a professional singer, and the prince hears her voice and needs to find this amazing woman. I play the prince’s right-hand man, and we go throughout the school. It’s put into a modern performing arts high school — present day, type thing.

I play the DJ at the school, the right-hand man of the prince, and we put on this showcase to find this Cinderella. So, it’s pretty interesting. Lots of fun.

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What is it like with the Warblers on set? Do you guys just freestyle and sing in your free time?
We’ll go back — we’ll be eating snacks, eating lunch, and we’ll all start singing and harmonizing and dancing. We literally do that all day long.

Out of everyone on set, who would you say you are closest to?
There’s almost two different crowds. If I was with my Warbler family, I would definitely say Curt Mega and Riker Lynch are definitely two of my closest friends. Outside of that? Over tour, I kind of sparked a friendship with Chord Overstreet [Sam]. [...] So either Darren or Chord, outside of the Warblers.

Do you have a Glee crush? If you had to have a crush on anyone on the show, who would it be?
Um, I would kind of go — the Santana route. Get Santana back on the other side.

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