Why Was Klaus Nice to Caroline? Vampire Diaries Speculation
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The Vampire Diaries

Why Was Klaus Nice to Caroline? Vampire Diaries Speculation

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) pitches good woo. We were so caught up in his pre-healing speech to Caroline (Candice Accola) about music and art and cities in Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 11, “Our Town” that we almost forget Klaus was the one who ordered Tyler (Michael Trevino) to bite her in the first place. So what were his motives for telling his sired hybrid to give Caroline a deadly hickey and then show up to cure it himself? Was he just trying to prove a point to Tyler or does he have something else up his henley sleeve?

First and foremost, the exchange of words and blood between Klaus and Caroline showed the hybrid is more than a soulless killer. Since we can’t say this better than J. Morg ourselves, we’ll offer you a quote froma recent interview where he was asked why we’re getting glimpses of Klaus’ more human side: “There’s only so long you can sustain that two-dimensional evil before you have to learn about its roots; you have to find out where that came from. Otherwise, we’re just going to write him off; we’re gonna hate the character. And we need to sort of understand him if we’re going to relate with him in the slightest. So, I think it was important for the writers to expand upon the character’s attributes and his history.”

So the moment definitely proved Klaus has a multitude of emotions — as did his teary confrontation with Mikael (Sebastian Roché) from Season 3, Episode 9, “Homecoming.” But the real question is, when did he decide to save Caroline? Perhaps glimpsing her around Mystic Falls sparked his infatuation, and he was hoping to play the hero and win her over. Maybe he arrived on the Forbes’ doorstep with no plan to heal the vampire but changed his mind when he heard her melancholy musings. There’s still a chance Klaus’ reasons will become clear as we learn more about his history. Whether or not Caroline falls for Klaus, we’re intrigued and excited to watch the Original try to win her over. While we doubt a Foriginal love story will ultimately change him into a hybrid with a heart of gold, it’s already added depth to TVD’s baddest baddie yet.

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