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Teen Mom

”You Don’t Do Crack, Right?”: Top 10 Greatest Quotes From Teen Mom 2, Season 2, Episode 10

This week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was a roller-coaster of manly emotions! Kieffer Delp and his mumbler-in-arms, Jordan, were dropping subtitled LOL-bombs all over the place, and poor Corey experimented with all the colors of the language rainbow.

Check out the 10 best quotes of the night!

10. Chelsea greets her friends: “You all have boyfriends here? I hate you all.”

Sad face emoticon.

9. Leah chats to her friend: “Maybe I have some bad communication skills, like, maybe I don’t communicate right.”


8. Jenelle lawyer gives her a pep-talk: “In my happy world, I would love for Kieffer to take the fall.”

That’s the least happy world ever!

7. Jenelle breaks down: “I have to sit here and quit smoking pot for, like, a whole year, and not get in trouble, or anything, or be around alcohol, or nothing!”

Life is hard.

6. Corey and Leah argue: “You got all pissy-pissy!”

We love it when Corey uses his words like a big boy.

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5. Leah fires back: “When Corey doesn’t get his way, Corey pouts like a little 2-year-old.”

To be fair, we’d put him at around three or four years old.

4. Chelsea jokes with her mom friends: “I used to be like ‘Where the party at? Where the party at?’ Now I’m like ‘Did you poop? Who pooped?’”

A different kind of party all together.

3. Jo questions Jordan: “You don’t do crack, right?”

Because that’s where you cross the line.

2. Corey breaks out the big guns: “Wow, that was like a f*c*king smack in the f**king motherf**king face.”

Three times in one sentence? Bravo.

1. Jenelle’s lawyer word vomits: “Kieffer’s getting off scotch-free.”

Luckily he’s loaded with some Jack Daniels.

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