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3 Cutest Baby Moments From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episode 10: ”Love Comes and Goes”

Teen Mom 2 does a stellar job showing impressionable youngins the pitfalls of baby-making, but not gonna lie: We are totally and completely in love with this troop of adorable babies!

Whether they’re snackin’ on cheese puffs, taking naps in random places, or judging their parents, Aubree, Ali, Aleeah, Isaac and Jace are always cute-as-pie.

Let’s take a minute (or three), to roundup the sweetest baby moments in this week’s episode, “Love Comes and Goes!”

1. Jace Plays Hard to Get

That Jace is becoming quite the ladies man! This week, Jenelle headed off to court (again), but Jace wasn’t as generous with the goodbye hugs as usual. Did you see his coy little smile as Jenelle tried to give him a farewell kiss?

Clearly, someone is playing hard to get (probably learned it from Kieffer). Then again, maybe Jace was just protecting himself from Jenelle’s scalding hot head of ringlets.

2. Aubree Needs Her Beauty Sleep

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Chelsea might love wandering around the mall with a giant balloon attached to her head, but Aubree? Not so much. Baber needs her beauty sleep, and she’s not going to let her mom’s addiction to tie-dye and good deeds get in the way.

We were LOLing all over the place when Chelsea tried to wake her precious daughter up from a nap, only to have Aubree stare at her in disdain and mumble “no” before turning her head away.

Sigh, pretty much what we say to our alarm clock every morning.

3. Aubree Says ''Thanks'' to One of Her Fan Boys

No one can resist a cute baby in leopard print, so it’s no wonder that Chelsea took Aubree with her to fundraise at Year Round Brown.

The hunky store owner couldn’t get over Aubs charm, and ended up giving Chelsea a check for a whopping $100. Count it!

Of course, Aubree always minds her P’s & Q’s, so she said “thanks” to Chelsea’s boss. After all, like any true princess, Aubs knows the benefits of socializing with the plebeians.

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