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The Bachelor

Which Bachelorette’s Kisses Leave Ben Flajnik Laughing in Episode 6? — Bachelor 16 Sneak Peek!

Yesterday, ABC’s Bachelor handle tweeted this teaser: “Which Bachelorette decides to give Ben step by step kissing lessons during their one on one time? #The Bachelor

Let’s ignore for a second that Ben Flajnik is the last person who needs lessons on kissing (since he’s done so much of it with so many women in a short amount of time as Bachelor), and instead do some deductive reasoning: Who WOULD be so foolish enough to do this? Perhaps someone we haven’t seen him kiss yet...

Credit: Ron Koeberer/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Kacie B.
Casey S. (honestly can’t remember)
Jamie (honestly almost forgot she was there)
Chris Harrison (probably not, but there was that butt-patting incident recently)

Well, shocker! A new sneak peek clip of the upcoming February 6 episode reveals that the kissing culprit is phantom bachelorette Jamie Otis. It’s almost too painful to watch (but we did) as Jamie attempts to finally make an impression on Ben after being relegated to so many group dates and playing... 2nd 3rd 7th the farthest fiddle to Courtney Robertson’s spellbinding shenanigans.

Even Ben can’t hold it together long enough to indulge Jamie. Watch the full clip below!

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