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Grant Gustin On How to Slushie Darren Criss!

Sebastian (Grant Gustin) surely lived up to his “eviler” title last night on Glee when he tossed that Slushie at innocent lil’ Blaine (Darren Criss) [safe to assume they won’t be pal-in’ around on the phone anymore, yes?]. But for the villain’s real-life counterpart, Grant Gustin, throwing the nasty concoction was like a rite of passage into the big leagues!

Grant dished to Huffington Post on the scene that we can’t get outta our heads (so evil! so sad! poor Blaine!), and it turns out a whole lotta practice went into that one throw…

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“I had Slushie practice with a dummy for that one scene,” Grant explained of the epic act. “At first, they gave me water to practice the momentum, and then I practiced throwing water in a dummy’s face probably a hundred times before I was allowed to throw a Slushie.”

Did you have any idea that so much hard work went into a Slushie scene?! Turns out Grant got a little extra help because the pressure was on to get this particular Slushie-ing in one take.

“Darren would have to go through hair and make-up again if I messed up,” Grant said. “They were riding me, so I felt a lot of pressure. Thank god I got it in one take.”

And it was totally worth all the work!

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Grant says of the experience, “I felt so cool getting to throw that Slushie because that’s what Glee is, you know?”

Yeah, we’re a little jealous…

Slushies or no, the crew remains tight behind the scenes. Grant also told Huffington Post that one New Directions-er in particular can’t keep his eye off of the Warblers – and it just so happens to be the guy on the receiving end of the Slushie.

“Whenever [Darren] sees me in that Warbler uniform, he’s very vocal about how jealous he is,” Grant said. “When we filmed the Warbler number for ‘Michael,’ he was there, stalking us. I think it kind of kills him to see a cool Warbler number happening when he can’t be a part of it.”

Source: Huffington Post

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