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Teen Mom of The Week: Chelsea Houska Gives Back to March of Dimes!

Three cheers for Chelsea! After weeks of crying her eyes out and getting high on Scentsy candles, this girl has finally seen the light at the end of the dead-beat boyfriend tunnel.

Chelsea’s been put through the ringer by Adam (who has yet to call and say hi to Aubree, by the way!), but now she’s all about getting her strong, independent woman on.

First, Chelsea got a job at Year Round Brown (where she prevents travesties like Christina Aguilera’s spray tan malfunction), and now she has a new slew of gal pals! It’s great that Chelsea’s making friends — especially friends with babies. She’s on the fast track to bonding with a positive support group of her peers, and even better? She got her charity on!

The Teen Moms keep hush-hush about how much MTV pays them, but if Chelsea gets anything close to Amber Portwood’s $280,000/year, it makes sense that she wants to give back to a cause close to her heart. This week, Chelsea roped up a few besties, tie-dyed some shirts (because really, what situation doesn’t call for a good tie-dye party?) and raised money for premature babies!

As we know, Aubree was a few weeks premature, and even though she didn’t experience any major health problems, Chelsea’s heart goes out to moms who aren’t as fortunate. We think it’s wonderful that Chelsea took time out of her schedule to support a charity, and the fact that she did so on camera will inspire her legions of fangirls to donate money!

Three words: You. Go. Girl!

Check back next week to see which lady will move to the front of the pack. Obvi, we’ll throw Jenelle a bone if she manages not to smoke a toke.

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