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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries’ Candice Accola: Klaus Will Create Inner Turmoil for Caroline

If there’s one Vampire Diaries character who’s made a dramatic change between Season 1 and Season 3, well, it’s probably Ripper Stefan (Paul Wesley) — but Caroline has undergone some massive personality alterations as well. Candice Accola recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about why Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) budding interest in
her character will call upon some of Caroline’s earlier insecurities.

First, Klaus’ gift, the shockingly swanky diamond bracelet, baffles Caroline, but it also signals to Candice that there has been a significant shift since Season 1, “when Caroline was like, ‘Why isn’t it ever me? Why does Elena get all the guys?’” Back then, the blonde cheerleader was chasing everyone, but now Klaus is definitely the one doing the pursuing. “It makes sense because she’s a very bright character, and she’s still strong, and she is at the same time very vulnerable,” Candice says. “So for someone of power like Klaus, it’s an easy target to see once they are together. But I think Caroline’s stronger than Klaus anticipates.” We’ve definitely seen Warrior Caroline bust out some killer moves, but will she be fighting feelings for Klaus?

“It will create an inner turmoil possibly within Caroline of wanting to be loved, but wanting to be respected, and wanting to be vulnerable, but wanting to be tough,” Candice teased to EW. If Klaus’ crush isn’t one-sided after all, Caroline’s friends will probably want to stick her in some Hybrid Lovers Anonymous meetings, but can you really fault Caroline for feeling conflicted about the devilish and dimpled Klaus?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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