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What’s It Like to Kiss Chord Overstreet? Amber Riley Reveals!

We imagine a kiss with Chord Overstreet (Sam) could be a lot of things. Dreamy. Romantic. Absolutely breathtaking. One word we never thought we’d hear associated with kissing Chord? Forgettable.

That’s right: When asked about that long-awaited Samcedes kiss from Glee Season 3, Episode 11: "Michael," Amber Riley (Mercedes) said the entire thing was no big deal, and she’s barely given it a second though.

“Mercedes and Sam sing together, and they kiss,” Amber says in the video. “It wasn’t like we thought about it. It was kind of like we forgot we kissed afterwards. It’s like, just do it. It’s Chord..." [laughs]

Wait. Is she saying that kissing Chord Overstreet isn’t magical? No, we don’t think that’s the case! To us, Amber simply feels like she Chord are such good friends — you know: like platonic, non-romantic friends — that smooching for work was nothing to get all worked up about.

For the record, Amber is a lot more mature and poised about the whole thing than we would be in that situation. We’d be blushing bright red, giggling like maniacs, and re-living ever last detail of the smooch our minds over and over and over again.

But, we guess her way works, too.

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