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Which Felicity Hunk Is Game for a Reunion?

Be still our Ben-Noel-Ben-Noel-loving hearts! Could the show that tortured us with one of the best love triangle plotlines in television history be returning for a reunion nearly a decade later?

If it’s up to Scott Speedman (Felicity’s Ben), the answer is yes. But there’s one caveat.

“[I]f I’m doing a reunion, I’m doing it fat,” the actor, who (spoiler alert!) ultimately won Felicity’s (Keri Russell) heart in the end, told E! Online. “My character’s a giant fat guy.”

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Awww, why you gotta play with us like that, Scott? Guess we’ll just have to settle for seeing our favorite Felicity hunks doing their acting thing separately. Speedman plays one of Rachel McAdams’s love interests in this month’s The Vow, dubbed by some around the Twitterverse as The Notebook 2.

The other Scott, Scott Foley, who played the lovable Noel Crane on Felicity, continues to steal our hearts on the small screen. Most recently he took the crown as Grey’s Anatomy’s favorite deceased husband (sorry, Denny!) and is set to appear on Season 5 of HBO’s True Blood.

And remember Donald Faison’s stint on the show? Donald may be best known to TV audiences for his role on Scrubs, but we’ll always remember him as Tracy, the conflicted Christian who eventually lost his virginity to Felicity’s best friend, Elena. The actor’s now on a new show, The Exes, on USA.

Source: E! Online

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