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The Bachelor

Courtney Robertson’s BFF Fights Back! “There’s So Much You Don’t See on TV” — Exclusive

Another week, another round of negative reports about The Bachelor 16's Courtney Robertson. The latest accusations being made against her: she played dirty by taking a midnight skinny dip with Ben Flajnik and, before the show, she was only interested in dating Hollywood players who could help her career. Courtney’s most serious long-term ex-boyfriend, Chris Slawson, already spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment in an attempt to clear her name. Now, her best friend in the world, fellow model Carrie Tivador, is breaking her silence, too. Speaking first and exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Carrie addresses the latest rumors about Courtney – and gives us an inside look at the Courtney she knows.


Wetpaint Entertainment: How did you and Courtney meet?

We met eight years ago on an Old Navy commercial shoot. We became fast friends. We’re both down to earth and neither of us is interested in the fame thing. That’s really rare in LA! We both just want to do good work and stay low-key.

How good of a best friend does she make?

She’s incredible. We’ve helped each other through so much. She has literally dropped everything to be there for me when I needed her. A while back, I was going through a really tough breakup. She drove over and basically moved in with me to help get me through it.

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Speaking of breakups, some of Courtney’s exes – or so-called “friends” of her exes have been badmouthing her, claiming she’s only interested in famous guys and that she has a history of cheating. What do you have to say about that?

I was friends with her while she was dating Jesse Metcalf. She NEVER used him for fame. Her feelings for him were real. And they didn’t just split after a few months – they were on and off for years. She had a birthday part last summer and he came. So I don’t know who these “friends” of his are who keep bashing her.

And what about Cavan Clark, the photographer whose “pals” are claiming she not only cheated on him, she dumped him to be on The Bachelor?

That was a short-lived relationship. They had been broken up for months before she decided to the show. I spent time with him and, while I thought he was a good guy, I didn’t think he was right for Courtney. She is really healthy and into exercise and yoga and he is not. That’s just one example. They had nothing in common. She broke it off with him and he did NOT take it well.

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What do you think of the way she’s been portrayed on the show?

I think the producers want a good story, so they’re editing the footage to make one. In reality, Courtney’s really playful and sarcastic and fun. She also said and did a lot of nice things for the other girls, but that’s not being shown. And you don’t see how badly the other girls ganged up on her. They see how much Ben likes her and, to be honest, some of them were downright cruel. To me, Emily seems like the ringleader.

She seems to be getting a lot of flack for the skinny dipping incident…

I don’t think she did anything wrong. She was being spontaneous. She’s fun and she lives for the moment. That’s just who she is.

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How does she feel about the way the press has been treating her?

I’m sure she’s devastated. I know she’s not watching the show anymore, it upsets her. I’m amazed how seriously people are taking all this. It’s a TV show!

Why do you think Courtney did the show?

She did it because, like myself, she’ s a hopeless romantic. She’s not looking to get famous. We even joke we’re the only two girls in LA who don’t want an acting career! She went on the show to find love, simple as that.

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