Does the Cast of Jersey Shore Do Drugs?
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Jersey Shore

Does the Cast of Jersey Shore Do Drugs?

While watching The Situation slowly implode emotionally on last night’s Jersey Shore (Season 5, Episode 5: “Nothing But Nice,”) we couldn’t help but wonder: Does anyone among the cast of crazy eight guidos and guidettes ever do drugs?

It’s not only Mike’s nonsensical self-conscious tirade last night that gave us the impression that maybe, just maybe one or more of the roommates has dabbled with something stronger than tequila. There was also a blind item about one of the Jersey Shore stars purchasing cocaine while in Miami, which led some to point fingers at Ronnie at the time.

And more recently, Mike’s buddy The Unit was arrested for allegedly possessing the animal tranquilizer Special K while he was just outside the Jersey Shore house. If, as Sammi claims, she’s never seen any of the roommates do drugs, and she’s never seen drugs in the house, then isn’t it still possible that at least one of the castmates might be doing them — just not in front of her?

We’ll leave it to you to tell us what you think in our poll below: Do you think the cast does drugs?

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