Jersey Shore Review: Rate Season 5, Episode 5: ”Nothing But Nice”
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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Review: Rate Season 5, Episode 5: ”Nothing But Nice”

Where can we even begin with Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 5: “Nothing But Nice”? Especially considering that this episode began with Snooki taking a piss on the floor of a seedy Seaside Heights club?

The episode started with the aforementioned Snooki pee incident, which was oddly sort of ignored by most of the other cast mates. (Eh, whatever at this point, right?) However, the pee incident was really the beginning a larger problem involving Snooki’s urinary tract health. Yep, Snooks got a UTI, just like most other drunk college girls partying it up at the Shore!

In non-UTI news: The Situation is creeping everyone out by acting sorta nice? Then Mike went off on a rant about how he is really a nice person deep down inside while his penis was poking out of his pants. Oh, and this was right after Snooki had taken another non-bathroom pee on the deck. If anyone ever thought for a second that Jersey Shore was fake they can eat their words because there is seriously no way that anyone could devise these situations, convince other humans to perform them, and catch it all on film.

It was great to see the cast back together (welcome back Vinny!) but The Situation’s high-speed descent into madness was a little alarming. Sure, he was allegedly drunk, but his motor-mouth antics and extreme paranoia were a little weirder than your usual silly drunk guido antics that we normally see on this show. Just what is going on with The Sitch?

Paranoia aside, there were some great return-to-form highlights from this episode, most notably Mike’s “star-six-nine and rewind this phone conversation” comment, Snooki’s British/Australian/Southern/ridiculous accent that she made up while she was wearing the bunny costume, the return of the prank war, and Snooki's dad. (Dear MTV: Please follow that man everywhere he goes, he is a reality show waiting to happen.)

Our rating of “Nothing But Nice:” 4 stars out of 5.

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